A Note from the Proprietor

oldbooks.jpgThe Rabbit Room has been online for several weeks now, and the readership is growing everyday.  Thanks so much to all of you who have linked to the RR from your blogs and websites.  Be sure and mention us and link us to anyone who you think might benefit from reading the reviews, discussions, opinions, and strangeness of the Rabbit Room contributors (for which I must think up a clever name). 

Part of the point of this site is to expose people to thoughtful Christian art and artists (I use the phrase “Christian art” with Madeline L’Engle’s definition (a paraphrase of it) in mind: “If it’s bad art, it’s not Christian art.  If it’s good, it’s Christian, no matter what the artist believes.”), for the purpose of building the Kingdom and shedding light in a dark world.  You can help by spreading the word, and by visiting the Rabbit Room Store.

The artists selling their works here are hardworking craftsmen (and women) whose work we believe should be listened to and supported.  I realize that you could buy the C.S. Lewis book used or from Amazon, or bargain shop for other products found here.  But buying them here in the Rabbit Room supports these artists directly, and it supports the site.   You’re guaranteed personal service (since there’s exactly one employee running the store), and you just won’t get that kind of attention anywhere else.
Here’s a quick rundown of the new stuff in the store:

  • Jonathan Rogers‘s adventure/fantasy series The Wilderking Trilogy.  I read all three of these books to my boys and they loved them.  Jonathan is an excellent writer, and these stories are sure to delight and enrich you and your kids.  They’re all available in the store, along with the option of buying the entire set.
  • Andrew Osenga‘s records Photographs and The Morning are now available.  Great records from a good friend and one of the best songwriters I know.
  • Eric Peters is another of my favorites.  His two most recent records, Scarce and Miracle of Forgetting are available.
  • Jill Phillips has three records in the store, and they’re all so good there’s not time enough to recount their virtues.
  • Randall Goodgame’s catalog is exclusivelly sold here in the RR.  More great songwriting.
  • Lots of different resources for the Christmas record Behold the Lamb of God are available under “Behold the Lamb”.  Everything from downloadable vocal tracks to artwork to DVDs to songbooks and string scores.   Several more churches across the country are performing BTLOG either in part or in full using these resources.  Nothing could make this proprietor more pleased.
  • DOWNLOADS.  There’s a new tab for the downloads in the store, now including Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies, Behold the Lamb, all of Randall Goodgame’s records, and more.

I always envisioned this website having two functions: 1) supporting the readers/listeners by exposing them to art that is edifying, beautiful, true, and 2) providing an opportunity for the readers/listeners to support the artists by purchasing their works.

Thanks for taking part.