Soul-Audio Interviews Andrew Peterson

phpthumb.jpgHey guys, just wanted to pass along the latest interview over at Soul-Audio with the Proprietor himself, Andrew Peterson. We had a chance to get some honest reflections about the upcoming Christmas tour, the new album and a lot of other topics I haven’t heard Andrew speak on before. Here’s part of the interview:

SA: This seems to be a good year for you and your colleagues and even lately, it just seems you guys are digging deeper and going places you weren’t going five or so years ago. Do you feel that?

Andrew: Yeah, I think everybody senses that. I like to jog, but I don’t love to jog. I do it in phases and if I haven’t done it for a while, at first I hate it. I’ll go out and jog and feel like I’m not getting any better and I’ll hate it. Then one day, all of a sudden you’re able to run three or four miles and it didn’t kill you. I feel that way with my career. There are these little thresholds that you meet. I feel like there are moments when you’ve been working really hard and you don’t see much fruit with your labor and then something happens and you look around and your music has matured and your audience has changed – they’ve gotten better and there’s more people coming to your shows.

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