The Hutch is FULL

screen-shot-2010-05-04-at-10811-amUpdate 3:40pm: The Hutchmoot is now full. If you missed your chance this year, we hope to see you in 2011.

As of today, less than two weeks after we announced its rabbity existence in the world,  Hutchmoot 2010 has 86 registrants (thank you, folks!). Because we want the event to be as intimate as possible, we’re capping it off at 100 registrants, which means, according to my math, we have 25 slots open. Wait. Did I do that wrong? I meant 17. What? Hold on. Let me put my guitar down. It’s hard for me to count with a guitar on. FOURTEEN. As in, 100 – 86 = 14. Right.

Sign up here to register. Rest assured, there won’t be any math workshops.

If you’ve already registered, comment on this post, so people will know I’m not making this up.