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Accidental Death and a Sovereign God

I hate traffic, especially drug traffic, but also the congested, automobile variety. Today I was held up by a vast, right-lane conspiracy of cars blocking the road by driving so slow they seemed to be going somewhere between 10 mph and reverse. I angrily imagined my vehicle fitted with sidewinders and me pressing a button, [...]

Ban The Fiddler’s Gun

[Note: September 25 - October 2 is Banned Books Week]

Some ten or fifteen years ago, I called home to see how my parents were getting along and Dad told me the town was in an uproar over a book called The Giver. There was a movement afoot to have the book banned in the school [...]

Wade in the Water (and Song of the Day)

I had the idea a while back to write a post about two of my favorite bands: Waterdeep and Wilco. I like alliteration and alphabetical categories as much as any other former English major, and the comparison of what, in my mind, were two strikingly different groups, with startlingly opposing themes would give me plenty [...]

The Charlatan’s Boy by Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers’ The Charlatan’s Boy will be available on October 5, but you don’t have to wait that long! We’re officially accepting pre-orders starting right now, and when you buy from the Rabbit Room store (update: links are now working again!), each pre-order will be signed by Mr. Rogers himself (no, not that Mr. Rogers).

Believe [...]

One Minute Review: The Town

With a stellar cast (Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Chris Cooper, etc.) and a great premise (Boston bank robber falls for former hostage), director/writer/star Ben Affleck has a lot going for him. Does he pull it together, and pull it off? The One Minute Review knows …

One Minute Review: The Town from Thomas McKenzie [...]

The C. S. Lewis Bible: An Interview & Preview with Bruce Edwards

We are on the cusp of VDT Madness. In just a few months, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, as imagined by Michael Apted and, uh: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Michael Petroni, Andrew Adamson, Douglas Gresham and C. S. Lewis, will hit our holiday movie screens. Book publishers, anticipating [...]

Blue & Gold by Taya Gray

My wife Taya posted another blog, and because I’m such a fan of her writing, I thought I’d share it here.  These observations of hers come at the end of a challenging season in the Gray household. Hope you enjoy it.

I took a run this morning. It’s Sunday, so that’s a little unusual for me, [...]

Song of the Day: Ben Shive

There are rumors around town that there might be a new Ben Shive album on the horizon. If you love his first album as much as I do, that’s cause for celebration.

What’s that you say? You don’t own the first album? Good heavens. In that case, you’d best listen to this. It’s only one of [...]

A Slugs and Bugs Christmas – Making it Happen

(Editor’s note: For the full story on Randall’s plans for the future of Slugs and Bugs, don’t miss his post from last week, “Because Silliness is Next to Godliness“.)

Do you remember when Southwest emerged as a national airline, and we were first exposed to their “choose your own seat” policy? I did not like it [...]

The Artist’s Desire

The question was raised here recently whether the artist’s pursuit is selfish.

There is no template that covers everyone on the “making a living at art” issue. We are all individuals in different places in life and with varying temperaments, childhoods and experiences, and God of course deals with us as such and not as a [...]