Come Down, O Love Divine

I’m honored to call Fernando Ortega my friend. He has one of the best voices on the planet, he’s wise (and he’d probably prove my point by claiming he isn’t), and he’s one of the funniest people I know. Fernando graciously let me open for him on a tour about eleven years ago, and night after night I marveled at his ability to connect with the audience, at his musicianship, and at the way he somehow managed to make the hymns I grew up singing sound new again.

He lives in New Mexico, which means I hardly ever see him anymore—a fact which, tonight, grieves me a little. So stumbling on this video today was a nice surprise. If you’ve never bought a Fernando Ortega album, I suggest In the Shadow of Your Wings. It’s a great representation of what makes him so good. I’ve probably listened to it on a hundred Sundays, and I’m still moved by his ability to deliver a lyric like nobody’s business. I thank God he’s still making music, and I can’t wait to hang with him again. His new album Come Down, O Love Divine releases July 11, and I’ll be the first in line.