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Christian Storytelling Part III: The Story of the Scriptures

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In our journey through the Christian story and Christian storytelling, we have to take a look at the Bible. Since we're all big fans of Sally Lloyd-Jones here, I don't think I'll have to do much convincing when it comes to talking about the Bible as a story. But whenever the subject of interpreting Scripture comes up, lots of very strongly-held opinions clash. I want to say that at the outset, because I think we can have a very gracious and charitable discussion about how to approach the Bible.

What we think of the Scriptures will dictate how we interpret them. I want to propose some ideas (mostly not my own) about how to approach the Bible as a story, but first, I’ll start with two often-held views of the Scriptures and their interpretation.

Lightly Scratched, Mildly Dented

The Christmas season left us with a sizable pile of books and CDs that have suffered varying degrees of damage while in transit from place to place. The CDs have cracked or broken jewel cases and the books have minor tears or crumplings or other oddities, but each book is still readable and each CD still playable. I've listed all of these castaways in the store (click here) and they can be yours for just $3.99 each. We've also added quite a few new (and completely unbroken) items to the store lately. Here's a look at some of the new stuff in what amounts to something of a Song of the Day bonanza (not to mention the books and other goodies).

How to Make a Record, Part 1: First Things First

This post should really be called, "How We Make a Record", or even "How We're Making This Record". There are a thousand ways to skin a cat, or to write a song, or to make a chocolate chip cookie--this just happens to be our recipe. That said, in some ways I'm still as mystified by it as I ever was. I remember lying on my bed in high school with two cabinet speakers on either side of my head, listening to Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason, getting delightfully lost in the music and wondering how on earth this band of Brits transferred their music to two-inch tape, then to cassette, then to the record store, then to Lake Butler, Florida, to my speakers, to my ears, and finally to my adolescent noggin.

Live at The Rutledge: Eric Peters, Jill Phillips, Andrew Osenga

Want to be one of the first to hear new songs from Eric Peters' upcoming Birds of Relocation? How about a sneak peak at what Leonard the Lonely Astronaut has been writing about in the deeps of interstellar space? Or maybe you just want to hear how awesome Jill Phillips is. If you're in Nashville Monday night, come out to the Rutledge where there will be a trifecta of great music on display. Not in Nashville? Time for a road trip. Feb 6th at 7:30 PM $5.00 Cover The Rutledge 410 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37201-2212 (615) 782-6858‎

One Minute Review: The Grey

The Grey is one of those films that could really go either way. It stars Liam Neeson, which is good. The trailer makes it look pretty cool. But it comes from the guy who made the recent A-Team movie, which does not bode well. Is it a throw-away action film, or is there some substance there? Luckily, the One Minute Review has the answers.

The Harrowing Silence: A Book Recommendation

The car in front of me swerved, and a bundle of long limbs flew up over its hood, tumbled across the roof, and slid down onto the hot August pavement. The car slowed briefly then sped away, leaving behind it a dying animal kicking and groaning in the dark. I parked my truck on the shoulder and got out. It was a seldom-trafficked road. No cars. It would have been quiet except for the drama in the southbound lane. The fawn’s legs wouldn’t work. It flopped and rolled, mewling eerily as it tried to right itself like a broken wind-up toy. When I knelt down beside it, its eye rolled toward me and stared. It stopped kicking and lay still, panting, blowing breath out of its mouth in sharp, hoarse heaves. I picked it up by the ankles, two in each hand, and carried it into the grass beside the road. What now? I thought.

What is Love? Part I – Definitions

The world has a lot of definitions for love. Deep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment; devotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship; passion, ardor, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation. Compassion, caring, concern, friendliness, friendship, kindness, charity, goodwill, sympathy, kindliness, altruism, unselfishness, philanthropy, benevolence.

When I see the Jesus of the Gospels, I see the best of these definitions displayed, his deep affection for John, the tenderness toward Peter after his denial. I see his compassion and goodwill poured into the woman in John 8, and that little man Zacchaeus. I also see his anger toward the Pharisees, a love for sinners turned upon the self-righteous weapons of comparison and self-vaunting used to destroy lives.