Pre-order the New Andrew Peterson Record, Get Four Songs Now

Pre-order the New Andrew Peterson Record, Get Four Songs Now

The lame duck period is, well, pretty lame. The months during the making of a record are equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, and the months of touring and supporting the record are the same. But the period of time between the two, when the artwork is finished, the album is mastered, it’s sent off to the presses, then packaged and shoved into a Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse to await its eventual shipment—that part is fairly maddening.

I don’t write songs just for my own pleasure, after all; these are for you. Sure, I may get some enjoyment out of the process, and there are residual blessings that come from the writing and production of the music, but the real thrill for me has always been the mysterious way songs (and whatever light lives in them) have the potential to find their way into the world, into your ears, and, hopefully, your hearts. That you would give them that chance is a great honor, and my great hope for the album.

So I’m happy to say that as of today, the duck is no longer lame. It’s not flying yet, but it’s stretching its wings and pacing the runway. Why don’t I dispense with the duck analogy and get to the point?

Light for the Lost Boy is finally available for preorder! If I were from Texas I’d say “Whoop.” Plus, if you order the album before the release, we’re offering some fun stuff to thank you for your support:

•An immediate download of the song “Rest Easy”, which you’ve hopefully been hearing on the radio already—and if you haven’t, gentle and respectful requests to your local station are gently and respectfully requested. Here’s a link to me talking about the song.

•An immediate download of a B-side that almost made the album. It’s a song called “Break it All the Way“, and it was one of our favorites from the beginning. It’s greatly inspired by my affection for Paul Simon’s music (as well as a Russ Ramsey sermon), and is a pretty huge departure from what you’ve ever heard me do before. That’s because Ben Shive and Cason Cooley went wonderfully crazy producing it. I can’t tell you how hard it was to cut this song from the team, but after about a thousand listens, I finally reached the decision that it didn’t help tell the story the record wanted to tell. Out it went, and there was much sorrow in the land. We comforted ourselves with the hope that we’d outsmart the record and release it now as a bonus track. Voila! (Whoop.)

•An immediate download of TWO songs from The Lost Boy Demos. What are The Lost Boy Demos, you ask? Let me explain. Not only are we releasing the project on vinyl (!), but we’re releasing a deluxe edition, which includes a mini-book called A Cartosonic Expedition (about the making of the album), as well as a second disc featuring The Lost Boy Demos, which is a solo acoustic version of all ten songs—just me and my guitar and a few wrong notes. So whichever item you preorder now, we’re giving you the acoustic version of “Day by Day” (a song that grew out of my reading of N.T. Wright, my listening to C.S. Lewis scholar Jerry Root, and my encounter with Peter Pan in London), and “Shine Your Light On Me” (a song that grew out of my need for the church, teenage loneliness, and thirty-something loneliness).

There you have it. Hopefully those four tracks will tide you over until August 28. In the meantime, my wife and kids and mortgage would like to humbly ask that you tell your friends about Light for the Lost Boy. As always, thanks for supporting me and mine. I hope these songs are a blessing to you.

And lo, the duck was lame no more.

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