The Story Behind The Song Video: Easier (The Song Of The Wiseman)

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“Easier” was anything but easy to write and is the song that gave me the most trouble as I wrote it with my friend Joel Hanson. When we started it I knew right away that I really cared about this song, which always complicates things because I start to get nervous about failing it!

I recently spoke at a songwriting workshop and used this song as an example of how many drafts you might write before you find the final iteration of a song. I wrote pages and pages of lyrics (I just went back and counted: a total of 42 pages). At one point I pared the song down to 7 minutes and it had this extra bridge that I really liked. But less was more and I remember the day when I finally surrendered, threw away about half the song—including parts I really loved—and finally found a way through to the end. It helps me to test a song by playing it for real people, so I played it one night on the bus for the guys I was on tour with and after months of working and reworking it finally felt like it was the song it most wanted to be. I hope you agree!

Here’s a post I wrote about it several months ago here in the Rabbit Room.

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