C.S. Lewis Seminar in Nashville

C.S. Lewis Seminar in Nashville

I wanted to let you guys in and around Nashville know about a really cool seminar happening this January called The Apologetics of a Talking Faun: A Seminar on the Imaginative Witness of C.S. Lewis. I talked with Dan DeWitt, the dean of Boyce College (Louisville), about it this fall, and got excited about going. He even honored me by asking that I be involved somehow. But alas, I’m going to be at Laity Lodge in Texas at–no joke–a Tolkien-themed retreat. Could I be any nerdier?

Speaking of nerds, our own Jonathan Rogers will be there to deliver a session on Lewis’s “use of religious longing as an apologetic.” (For the record, JR isn’t a nerd. It was just a convenient segue.) If you’ve never been to something like this, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, and that you’ll learn a lot. I so wish I could be there, if only to hear Jonathan say something nice about anything British.

Here’s the link to the event page.

You’ll notice that in addition to Dr. DeWitt and Dr. Rogers, they’ve lined up some great folks, including my pal Josh Wilson who will be doing some music.

The Rabbit Room exists in part to encourage this kind of conversation, community, and thought, so we’ve partnered with the seminar to offer an exclusive Rabbit Room discount to you guys. The registration for the day is $35, with lunch provided—but if you register here we’ll give you a $5 discount (registration now closed).

Have fun at the seminar. Be sure and heckle Jonathan for me, and know that as you listen to smart dudes talking about fauns, I’ll be in Texas listening to smart dudes talking about hobbits. Ah, the life.