Rabbit Room Review & Reprise 01-31-14

Before we get to the weekly recap, first a mild teaser. We’ve got some exciting news coming up on Monday morning. It’s time for the Rabbit Room to expand into a new season of its life. We’ll tell you about it next week.

cmr album art - draft r3cThe world’s most lovable curmudgeon, Eric Peters, has a new EP (an EP EP?) coming out next week. It’s called Counting My Rings: B-Sides, and yesterday he gave us a song-by-song description of what’s on it. Check out his “debriefings” and come back on Tuesday to snap up the EP.

— — —

PigeonsDr. Jonathan Rogers continues to mine America for its most peculiar people (and its most conspicuous alligators). This week’s anecdote, “Freebird,” involved a prison and a parrot. I’m not making this up—and neither is he (at least I don’t think he is).

— — —

subwobbanner1-535x266 copyNashville’s most enigmatic poet, DKM, started a new Rabbit Room series called “Subjects with Objects Unplugged.” Take a look into the strange and mysterious mind of the puppetmaster behind the SubwOb project. Fascinating. Funny. Moving.

— — —

1538896_752300394799120_1260051051_nThis is the final weekend for Blackbird Theater’s production of George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman. There are no superheroes involved—well, except for Shaw, he’s a superhero of a writer (My Fair Lady). Imagine a two-hour Downton Abbey episode hilariously and wittily written by G. K. Chesterton (with Shaws opposing views, of course). It’s great. Tickets available here.

And one more thing: We don’t have all the details yet, but this is coming up. Holy Cow. Awesome. We’ll let you know when there’s more information available.