Monday Music Update – 02/17/14

Monday Music Update – 02/17/14

Ron Block and Jeff Taylor are working on a new album that Ron describes as “very sparse and restful.” The album features lyrics from RR contributor Rebecca Reynolds and will feature 12-13 new songs, many in the style of old hymns. Some tracks have already been featured here at the Rabbit Room. Check out “Come, Children of this Long, Discarded Night” and “Everything Broken and Everything Beautiful” for a preview.

Jeremy Casella still has nearly two weeks left on the Kickstarter campaign for his new album, Death in Reverse. Don’t miss Jeremy’s post on the album’s background entitled “My Search for Joy in the Presence of the Future“.

Jason Gray is prepping for the release of his new album, Love Will Have The Final Word, on March 4.

Andy Gullahorn has a show on March 15 in Columbus, GA at Crosspointe Church for their Poets, Painters, and Storytellers concert series. He will be joined by songwriter Allen Levi and painter Wellon Bridgers.

Eric Peters recently released a new four-song EP, Counting My Rings: B-sides. Eric also recently posted a song-by-song description of the EP.

While Chris Slaten, the man behind Son of Laughter, is currently on the hook for a spring semester of teaching, he’s also organizing a series of “free” house shows in the areas of Texas, Nebraska, New York, and Pennsylvania during spring and summer breaks. If interested, you can e-mail Chris at