Rabbit Room Review & Reprise 02-07-14

subwobbanner1-535x266 copyFirst things first. Come down to Franklin, Tennessee, tonight for the Subjects with Objects art opening at the O’More College of Art & Design. DKM will be wandering around mysteriously as Jonathan Richter paints. There will be free food, drinks, and live music from 6-9pm. Earlier this week we featured the second part in Doug McKelvey’s SubwOb Unplugged series, in which he unveils a new painting (“Untitled 13″) and reveals the process of delving its meaning.

RRplaqueThe biggest news this week is that we’ve added a whole passel of new folks to the Rabbit Room contributor list. These folks all have something unique to offer and we look forward to hearing what they’ve got to tell us. For the full list of the Class of 2014, scroll down to the masthead on the lower-righthand side of the page. We’ve also instituted a new open submissions policy. If you’ve always wanted to write for the Rabbit Room, now you can. Click the “How to Submit” link at the top of the homepage for more information.

cmr album art - draft r3cThe other biggest news (yes, the other biggest) is the release of Eric Peters’ new EP, Counting My Rings: B-sides. The four-song EP features three remastered and previously-unreleased songs plus an alternate version of “Traveling Onion.” The EP is available by download only and it’s waiting for you in the Rabbit Room store. Click here to read Eric’s song-by-song explanation of the record, and click here to listen to one of the songs on the new EP (the song that made me a fan, in fact).

detroitChris Yokel, one of our new contributors, is a teacher, writer, poet, and all around smart guy and he came out of the corner swinging with great post called “Add to the Beauty.” Click here to read the post. Well done, Chris. I have a feeling there’s a lot more where that one came from.

love-music-wallpaper-20203-hd-widescreen-wallpapersDon’t miss the Matt Conner’s Monday Music Update. This week’s update has the latest news on Jeremy Casella and his Death in Reverse project (look for an even newer update later today), plus news from Don and Lori Chaffer (Waterdeep), Josh Garrels, Jason Gray, and another of our new contributors, Chris Slaten a.k.a Son of Laughter.

Finally, here’s a little lagniappe in the form of Thomas McKenzie’s One Minute Review of a great film (though one that requires some serious viewer discretion).

One Minute Review: Her from Thomas McKenzie on Vimeo.