Rabbit Room Review & Reprise 02-14-14

Jonathan Rogers has a great Valentine’s Day post that will be live later today. Don’t miss it. I confess that there are no alligators, mullets, or plumbers involved, but I assure you you’ll be glad you read it.

RRBannerGreen1blogAnother thing not to be missed: Tomorrow Randall Goodgame is celebrating his birthday by hosting a live Saturday morning Slugs & Bugs Birthday Bash on Stage-It. Word has it that Andrew Peterson will be making weird voices in the background or something. The price of the show is “pay what you can.” Click here to get your ticket.

jeremycasellaJeremy Casella (of the Square Peg Alliance) dropped by the Rabbit Room this week with a post called “My Search for Joy in the Presence of the Future.” It’s a personal look at the inspiration behind his new record, Death in Reverse, which is greatly influenced by N. T. Wright’s book, Suprised by Hope. Jeremy is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to produce the record and he’s almost reached his goal. Read the story behind the record and help put him over the top if you can. It’s guaranteed great music.

Northwind002WHailing from all the way over in Northern Ireland, Heidi Johnston is one of our newest contributors. That’s right—the Rabbit Room has officially gone international. Heidi makes her first appearance this week with a powerful post about her struggle to come to terms with the nature of God in the context of the suffering of her own child. The post is called “The Framework for Hope,” and it includes the following awesome quote: “…all that is not true will one day be consumed by the fire that makes things beautiful, and the only thing remaining of the struggle will be the beauty that was formed within it.” Read the full piece here.

All 3 Wilderking Books Cropped for RRBig news from Rabbit Room Press this week: we’re reprinting Jonathan Rogers’ long-out-of-print Wilderking Trilogy. This is very good news for me because it means I’ll no longer have to answer scads of emails asking when and where these books can be bought. The answer now and forevermore is, “Click here.” Pre-orders are now open. Pre-ordered books will ship in March. The public release will follow on April 1st. If you’re wondering what a Wilderking is, or if you’ve heard the word “feechie” bandied about and aren’t sure what it means, you may appreciate this bit of explanation in the form of a Dr. Rogers anecdote.

BLOG_MoleHave you ever wanted to buy a rare, used edition of a book but couldn’t seem to find it? Have you ever wanted to summon a magical rodent that would do your bidding? If the answer to either of those questions is “heck yes,” you’re in luck. Meet the Book Mole, Eric Peters’ latest excuse to avoid real work (kidding!). Click here more more information about how you can make Eric search the world over for the books you crave.

misty-morning-in-the-forest-iris-greenwellAnother of our new writers debuted this week: David Mitchel. David is a small town lawyer in Virginia and we’re hoping he’ll get us all out of jail one day. He made his entrance into the Rabbit Room yesterday with a post called “Trusting the Images: Vapor Flirting and Flitting,” in which he takes a look at the complex nature of the book of Ecclesiastes and the potential import of its images. Read it here.

And finally, if you’re a backer of Andrew Peterson’s Kickstarter campaign for book four of the Wingfeather Saga, The Warden and the Wolf King, this is old news. For the rest of you, feast your eyes on this awesome (work in progress) map that Justin Gerard is painting for the finale of the story. Zounds. (If you didn’t back the campaign, I’m sorry–it ended last fall.)