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Nebraska & My Problem

I have a problem. Not that it is inherently harmful or detrimental or that it shall become your problem. It is certainly not a problem in the “please help me fix this” sense of the word, if you follow. It is more like a benign obsession. For books. Specifically, used books. I am newly addicted [...]

Last Night at the Warren

Spring is coming to Tennessee.

I made it home in time last night after band rehearsal to sit on an old bench in the woods behind my house and write for a spell, something that hasn’t happened for too long.

I’ve been writing on the laptop so much lately that I’ve forgotten how [...]

A Video In Which Nothing Much Happens

I don’t know how realistic it is, but I’m going to try and keep a video blog of the Resurrection Letters Tour this month. Here’s a clip of Andy Gullahorn, Gabe Scott and myself working out the finer points of an instrumental arrangement of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”. Like I said, [...]

A Live Sampling of Some New Songs

Hey, folks.

I wanted to let you know that the Captains Courageous and I were recent guests on my friend Michael Card’s radio show/podcast In the Studio with Michael Card. Mike usually has great guests and speakers, so I’d recommend listening to the whole show, but we’re in the second half should you want to [...]

Hayden McGuffin and the Skinny Chicken

“Make that chicken as big as the paper will let you,” urged Miss Coates, “and remember that your audience needs bold, full color, hefty size, and strongly drawn lines to be able to clearly see these marvelous players of the play which [...]

Pressure To Form

I took a break from teaching today and had a chance to sit back. It’s nice for a time such as this and our guest speaker, Beth, did something quite different from the norm. Set up front was a potter’s wheel and all accompanying materials – a bowl of water, tools for scraping and shaping, [...]

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Old House Of Fear

There is a rare joy that comes from discovering a treasure of a book that you’re sure few have ever heard about. It’s like you’re in on a delicious little secret, and it makes a good book even better. It feels like it is increasingly difficult to find these rare gems, and once [...]

Eugene Peterson: On Stories

I’ve only read pieces of a few of Peterson’s books, but it’s enough for me to know that he’s an admirable thinker and writer. Several years ago I had the honor of performing at the book release of The Message, in Anaheim, California, and was disappointed to learn that my fellow Peterson (no relation, [...]

Outlaw: Remembering Larry Norman

Since nobody here has weighed in yet on the passing of Larry Norman, I thought I would post some thoughts. Interestingly (perhaps only to me) I felt reticent about discussing Larry Norman here, wondering if his work would be considered relevant to the rabbit room culture. But as I’ve been slaving over a piece about [...]

Pre-order On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Hey, folks.

Here’s a link to an online store that’s helping promote my book. We’re not selling them here in the Rabbit Room because the other booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, etc. report to the bestseller lists. After the first week or so of sales, at which point you kind people I’m [...]

Forgetting the Audience

I’m afraid of you. And I hate to admit it.

I was just talking about this concept earlier today. I’ve been teaching each Sunday morning for the past (nearly) four years within the church we started in that course of time. And some people from our church community and I were discussing that, in those early [...]

Getting Lost

Lost, oh how I love thee! Did you see last week’s episode? Wow, what a perfect example of why this show is the best thing on TV. Lost is actually the only reason I subscribe to a television service (I can’t get broadcast reception where I live.) I hadn’t paid for [...]

David Archuleta (or, Ratatouille Meets American Idol)

Tuesday night my wife and I watched American Idol on our DVR. We fast-forwarded full speed through the commercials and Ryan Seacrest’s Mary Poppins perfect delivery, and wondered aloud how all that fast motion might be re-wiring our brains.

The performances ranged from forgettable to uber-cheesy to impressive, which seems about right with 20 people [...]


UPDATE: The folks at Waterbrook Press have informed me that we’re already at capacity for bloggers. She said in her email, and I quote, “What great fans Andy has!” I’m inclined to agree. Thank you guys for the great response. I hope you like the story.