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A Balm in Gilead

I just finished a book that upon closing it, I felt like it finished me in a sense. A quiet meditative book that reached down and stirred the deep waters in me. It’s Marilynne Robinson’s 2005 Pulitzer prize winner Gilead, given to me by my friend Andrew Peterson.

A Work of Art?

Next to my name on the front page of the Rabbit Room it claims that I’m a boatwright. That’s a bit of a stretch in my mind; building boats is something I’ve done little enough of and something I do only as a small part of my larger job as an Arts and [...]

Stuart Duncan

I haven’t figured out a way to link my other blog ( to this one, so I’ll just include the video here. To read more about good ol’ Stuart Duncan, read here.

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Outing Dumbledore

Well shoot. Here I was trying to come to Harry Potter’s defense and help assure Christians they have little to worry about with these books, and then J.K. Rowling goes and outs Dumbledore.

Gift + Desire + Faith = Art

Most of us began by desire; at some point we desired a guitar or banjo, or wanted to write stories or essays or songs, or we longed to paint. My son loves to draw; his desire is a full-blown passion. I don’t have to tell him to draw – the desire is his compulsion. His [...]

Photographs: Andrew Osenga

Do you have any CD’s in your collection that will be forever associated with some event or season of life—like the soundtrack to your last high school summer or what you listened to over and over again on that one road trip to wherever it was?

The Holding Pattern

Returning from a convention on the West coast, my Continental Airlines flight began to circle Denver. Upon landing, my business partner and I would switch planes for the last leg of our trip home to Omaha. A regular flyer, my inerds still stirred a bit with each sway of the aircraft. Near blizzard conditions prevailed [...]

An Uncomfortable Close-Up

I’ve been trying to figure out how to integrate my other blog with this one. For those of you who don’t know, I’m making a record called Resurrection Letters, Vol. II, and my musical compadres (the Captains Courageous) and I have been documenting the process for the last few months.

I Am Not Insane

Today, in the middle of a conversation, I realized that the man I was speaking to was insane. This gentleman, whom I have known for quite some time, without warning began to tell me of his vast collection of the works of an obscure writer and insisted on detailing this writer’s entire career to [...]

Behold the Lamb of God, 2004

“Jesus thrown everything off balance.”

So says Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit in her short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” It’s as true as the globe tilts and spins on its axis. To understand why, you need to hear, really hear, the Christmas story. It’s an important story to tell. And it needs to be [...]

Serious Business

Russ offered a great story about an art class experience. It reminded me of my own brief career as an art student. I was ten years old. And I had some talent, if you don’t mind my saying so. If I’d had an Evie Coates to mold and direct my genius, who knows what I [...]

Welcome to the Rabbit Room

Two years ago I walked the streets of Oxford with my wife. We were in London for a few days during the final throes of Spring and took the train to the famously literary town to visit, among other things, the former home of C.S. Lewis.

It’s a two-story brick house called the Kilns, [...]

Life of Pi

It’s hard for me to get excited about the popular stuff.

Then sometimes I read it (or watch it or listen to it) and I remember that just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s lame. That mindset is a remnant of my anti-establishment tendencies in high school. Football was popular, so I hated football.

Eric Peters: A Hope that is Not of This World

Eric Peters‘s body of work addresses a diverse range of topics, but hope is a recurring theme that gently percolates in the midst of it all. And yet, somewhere between the 2001 masterpiece Land of the Living, and Scarce, the flavor of hope that Peters’s work emits has evolved closer to a tone that is [...]

Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Vincent van Gogh, 1889, oil on canvas

If you’ve ever tried to paint a self-portrait, here’s what you find—only the truth will work. In school I was given this art assignment, and as I went back and forth from the mirror to the paper, I tried to draw what I saw. The thing is, [...]