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The Hard Part

A few years ago I decided to stop talking about writing a book and actually wrote one. If you had asked me before writing it what I thought the hardest part of the process would be, I’d have told you the physical, butt-in-chair, writing of it. Turns out I was wrong. For me, that was [...]

The Proprietor’s Favorite Music of 2007

Music sinks into me differently than books or movies. I’m very picky with it, and prone to listen to one thing over and over again rather than gobbling up lots of different music. I treat music like I treat menus: if I know I’m going to like the chicken chimichanga, why order something [...]

A Real Writer

I have the occasional thought, as I drive in my old, noisy truck or walk through my neighborhood, that could possibly turn into a decent narrative. These little would-be gems fly back out of my cavernous, echoing brain (there’s not much of substance up there, I’m afraid) as soon as they enter, very much like the [...]

The Proprietor’s Favorite Books of 2007

Some of the best books I read this year, in no particular order.

The Road, Cormac McCarthy

I read McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses earlier this year and was wrecked by it, and this was no different. Don’t be thrown by the fact that it’s an Oprah pick–this is no ladies’ luncheon read. It’s apocalyptic, [...]

What’s Really Important Here?

2008 beckons. For many years I’ve reserved the week between Christmas and New Years Day as a week to think and plan. It’s a time I use for reflection and for measuring life; a time for gathering up the broken pieces of painful choices, unfortunate detours, and missed opportunities. Further and on a more positive [...]

The Proprietor’s Favorite Films of 2007

This is my first-ever attempt at an end-of-year favorites list. Some of these were actually released prior to 2007, but this is the year I stumbled on them. One of the many blessings of marriage is that it teaches you how to love and understand (or at least try to understand) a [...]

There Is No Place Safe

Just wanted to share perhaps my favorite quote pertaining to the birth of Jesus:

“If holiness and the awful power and majesty of God were present in this least auspicious of all events, this birth of a peasant’s child, then there is no place or time so lowly and earthbound but that holiness can be present [...]

The Message in the Bottle: Thoughts on Worship

I have in my possession something I am willing to wager no one else reading these words has. My senior year of college, I spent a semester studying in Israel. My group of friends had a three day weekend and no plans, so we decided that we would go camping by the sea. We randomly [...]

Turning the Key

Apart from faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith, we cannot please Him. Think of without in the older sense as the opposite of within rather than not having. If I am without my house, I’m outside it. If I’m within a house, I’m inside it. From within faith it is possible to [...]

Have You Seen Any Good Movies This Year?

“Have you seen any good movies lately?” I get that a lot. It seems that people somehow know that film is one of my passions. How about you–have you seen any good movies this year? As 2007 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to start a Rabbit Room dialog about movies [...]

Thoughts about “No Country For Old Men”

Last night I saw the movie “No Country For Old Men”, the latest offering from the Coen Brothers, the guys who brought us “O Brother Where Art Thou,” “Fargo,” “The Big Lebowski” and other one of a kind movies. Being a big fan of the Coens, I’ve been waiting with great anticipation to see this, [...]

Arkadelphia from Randall Goodgame: Music in Motion

A Randall Goodgame song is like a great independent movie. Characters deliver lines like they were lifted from a break room, a truck stop, or a downtown diner. Seemingly incongruent scenes are juxtaposed and plot isn’t obvious; in fact, narrative–a good story–is often more evident than linear plot lines. An indie movie, like a Randall [...]

How To Know What To Say (and When Not To Say It)

It is a good thing to wake up feeling healthy after having been ill. I am crawling out from under the terrible anvil of what amounts to either a massive cold, or the flu. Whatever official title the bug wishes to be dubbed, it was no picnic and it managed to cost me, and no [...]

Why I’m Afraid of Silence

Drive three hours. Arrive at monastery. Check in. Unpack duffle bag consisting of proper amounts of toiletries, clothes, choice books and journal. Read for ninety minutes. Pack up bag. Drive three hours home.

The moment was rather embarrassing although it’s definitely advantageous for my job. As a pastor, part of my weekly duties is to develop [...]

Parade Lights

At the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch we’ve been working hard for the past month to get our float ready for the Christmas parade. To be honest, float-building isn’t something I look forward to but it has been a joy for me to labor through it with the group of boys I work with and to [...]