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On the Table: Jumpstarting the Process

After last week’s ridiculously fun introduction to the On the Table feature, I’m a little worried that the real deal will never measure up. I have confidence in our illustrious contributors though and am sure it’ll be a piece of–wait for it–cake. Golf clap please. Thank you, thank you.

What do you do to jumpstart the [...]

Encounters With Angels

I remember as a kid hearing stories about guardian angels that excited my imagination and kept me vigilantly on the lookout for angels I might “entertain unawares”. As I got older I guess I was tempted to dismiss these notions as perhaps a bit fanciful. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Taya and I [...]

Remember Something

Many years ago, I was involved in a conversation about Jesus junk. Like most here in The Rabbit Room, I’m as offended by Jesus junk as I am moved by its counterpart, art that magnifies the glory of God with beauty and truth. The question we posed was, “Of all the Jesus junk on the [...]


My wife has been laid up for a week recovering from surgery, and her mom drove up from Ralph, Alabama to help out. Of course, “help out” pretty much meant, “do everything.”

Amy was in the bed, and I was slammed with two church services in one week on top of my typically hectic schedule when [...]


I wrote a post a while back that never saw the light of day–and for good reason. It was written in a fit of depression as I tried to express my exhaustion with the burden of hope. In it I suggested that hope was something I didn’t want anymore.  In fact, I said that I [...]

Electricity: Why We’re Not Under The Law

Recently I made the statement, “Our biggest sin as believers is ‘trying to do good” and ‘trying to be like Christ.'”

What do I mean by that? Shouldn’t we try to be like Christ, and try to be good Christians? Romans 6-8 brings some background for my opening statement.

The Hardest Part

Mother Nature enjoys a good April Fool’s joke as much as anyone, I guess, and after days of Springtime warmth we got hit with another big snowstrom on April [...]

On the Table: Pie (Example)

From the Proprietor: A sure sign that you’re friends with someone is when you don’t mind if they make fun of you. The Captains Courageous and I were on a trip a while back and we decided over dinner to figure out what each person’s worst physical feature was. One had to sit [...]

The Comforts of Atheism: The Demands of Doubt

Here’s a great article by our own Jason Gray. Every time I speak with Jason, be it on the phone (like I did today) or when he and his sweet family are at our house watching Ninja Warrior, I’m struck with what a clear, precise thinker he is. He’s a few years older [...]

Sin in Movies – Seeing the Heart of Art

First of all, Andy P, thanks for writing a post that is longer than any of mine. I’ve long been insecure about that, and now you’re the long-winded one (until I write this post, anyway). And secondly, thank you Marc for getting the conversation going; you’re speaking out your convictions, and that’s good. I have [...]

He Said a Wordy Dird

I’m hesitant to enter into this sort of conversation in an online format. There’s a lot to be said for body language, tone of voice, and the way someone’s heart can pour out of a face-to-face exchange in a way that surprises even the speaker. But I guess I was the one who [...]

Re Trato

I spent a day last week at the Harn Museum of Art and aside from being a lot of fun, it reminded me of some things about myself that I don’t usually like to acknowledge. While I toured the main gallery and considered its theme of “Paradigms and the Unexpected” one of the boys [...]

On Andy & Jill

The musical bumper sticker on my car during the ol’ college years would have definitely read “I’d Rather Be Listening To Acoustic Music.” Therein was my initial foray into the early careers of Square Peg artists like our own Proprietor. I found great enjoyment in the Texan college worship scene (early Crowder, Robbie Seay, Justin [...]

What Connects Us All

“Hope, at the end of the day, is what connects us all.”

So said Marketa Irglova at this year’s Academy Awards after she and co-writer Glen Hansard won the Oscar® for Best Song. As of the award show I had seen the movie Once, uh, twice. Jamie has a knack for falling asleep during [...]

An Interesting Discussion

Here’s a review of On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness that led to a good discussion.  A discussion in which I got involved, for good or ill.  I’m waiting with a grimace for the replies.