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Old Roads: Alberta Homestead

I spent two weeks in July with my family up at my in-laws’ ranch up in the Peace River country of Alberta, about an hour from Dawson Creek, BC. My father-in-law came up to the Peace River and homesteaded with his dad at the the ripe age of seven years, back in 1929, [...]

The One Minute Movie Review: DISTRICT 9

Folks, allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the Rabbit Room team. Thomas McKenzie is the kind of Anglican priest who can’t help but mention either The Lord of the Rings or Battlestar Galactica in every homily. He’s the kind of guy who bowls with Andy Gullahorn and his buddies every Wednesday [...]

Purchase! Or Be Eaten

The big day has arrived. NORTH! OR BE EATEN is on the shelves.

It took a year to write, and it clocked in at about 120,000 words. I wrote at home, on the road, and more than anywhere else at a coffee shop down the street. I read it aloud to my wife and children and [...]

Why I Want Eric Peters in My Corner

So I was having a bad day. I woke up, for no apparent reason, at 5:30 in the morning, and my brain was already two hours ahead of my body. It was the kind of day that usually lands me in front of the mirror with a mental baseball bat. But on this day, I [...]

Recommendation: YOUR JESUS IS TOO SAFE, by Jared C. Wilson

The following was written for the Your Jesus is Too Safe blog tour. Thanks to Jared C. Wilson and Kregel Publications for a copy of the book to review.

It seems fairly evident that the Christian faith is about Jesus. But that this is obvious doesn’t mean it’s not neglected or distorted. We are prone to [...]

A Tale of Two Songs (Plus 3)

In a recent post I talked about my writer’s block and the song that broke it.  I thought I’d revisit a similar theme here and talk about the process of writing the most challenging song on my new record.

During a session at a songwriter’s retreat several years ago, I asked Pierce Pettis, one of the [...]

The Hurt Locker: Being More Than One Thing At A Time

Vincent van Gogh put the barrel of his pistol to his chest and pulled the trigger. Earnest Hemingway, three weeks shy of his 62nd birthday, used a shotgun and aimed about a foot higher.  Heroine and cocaine took Belushi and Farley.  It appears, at least in part, that small armies of sycophants with the power to prescribe [...]

Amish Fantasy Book Title Competition Winner Announced and “Mennonite in Black” Didn’t Win

Well, as if my asinine original post wasn’t inflicting enough stupidity on you, here’s an unlooked-for follow up. It’s sort of comforting, and sort of disturbing, to think that there are so many of you who have weird imaginations. I feel at home. In a weird home with weird people like me in it. You [...]

Episode 22: Jonathan Rogers Reviews ON THE EDGE OF THE DARK SEA OF DARKNESS

Well, friends, it took shameless self-promotion to get me to finally dust off the Rabbit Room Podcast gear and record a new one. North! Or Be Eaten releases on August 18, so I’m doing my darndest to let as many people as possible know about the Wingfeather Saga. Now that the wheels are unstuck, I [...]

The Wagon Wheel of Time?

I read here and there about what publishers are publishing a lot of now. Those can sometimes be opportunities for despair. A down-side of a market-driven approach is that broad readership is not always the best indicator of quality. Though, to strike back at the snob in us, it’s not always an indication of tripe [...]