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Evening Art

Thunder is rolling behind me like a boulder down a mountain. The lightning is so frequent it feels like there are only flashes of darkness to interrupt it. Appalachia is alive at evening time. Like the stomach of a starving giant, the sky growls. I take cheating glances back through the broad, open windows. Trying [...]

Appendix C Now Available!

Ladies and germs, I’m happy to announce the release of Appendix C: Live with the Captains Courageous. This collection of songs includes two full-band recordings, five live-in-the-studio recordings, and the bonus track from Resurrection Letters II, “Have Your Way”.

All the songs were recorded with my compadres, Ben Shive and Andy Gullahorn. The full-band songs were [...]

Up: Write Your Review

I sat in the theater Friday night waiting for the lights to go down and I pondered the possibility that UP might be Pixar’s first flop.   I’ve come to feel about that moment when the Pixar logo appears much the same as I once did about the glittering green of a Lucasfilm logo.  When [...]

Back to Basics

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some very poorly executed movies.  Is there anything more frustrating than going into a theater with high expectations and watching for two hours as those hopes are slowly dashed to pieces?  Why yes, I’m sure there are things more frustrating but it’s definitely near the top of [...]

From a Hunk of Metal to a Sword, Part I

We can’t read white letters on a white page. Light needs a dark background; think of all the nuances of shade an artist uses.

Without the human race falling into sin, grace would not be apparent. God has purposed to use the Devil as an unwitting errand boy; “Those who will not be God’s sons become [...]

Midday Connection Features the Rabbit Room

Hello, readers (and listeners).

The Rabbit Room and several of its contributors were featured on Moody Radio today on a show called Midday Connection. Anita Lustrea, the host, has always impressed me with her thoughtful questions on-air demeanor. It’s a pleasure being on her show.

If you’re visiting the Rabbit Room for the first time and are [...]

A Prayer from the Bend in the Trail

I bought this bench for twenty-five dollars.
I searched the papers and called the seller,
Drove to her house, and offered her twenty.
She raised her brow and wouldn’t budge a cent.
I came home with one less fast food combo
In my future and a bench in my truck.

My wife helped me [...]

Separate Ways – A Journey That Began With Frontiers

Gus, my five year old, just discovered a deep, deep love for 80’s supergroup Journey.  It all started when my wife Taya saw the new Jim Carrey movie, “Yes Man” – a passable comedy that opened with Journey’s made for arenas classic “Separate Ways”. After the movie, Taya downloaded Journey’s Greatest Hits and for better [...]

Emerging from the Cocoon of the False Self, Part III

As our new, real self in Christ emerges from the prison of years of false self-activity, we more and more realize that because Christ is in us we have no needs. We literally have “everything we need for life and godliness” (2Peter 1:3). That means, resident within our inner holy of holies, we possess love, [...]

In Search of Pierce Pettis

Last Sunday I was a visitor hiding on the back pew of a church in Houston.  It was an inconspicuous little place filled with quietly ordinary people and a sensible lack of grandeur.  After the sermon and the closing hymn and the benediction, the pastor held up his hand and told us one last announcement [...]