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The Book of the Dun Cow, Walt Wangerin

Walt Wangerin is a name I’ve seen in print many times. My dad had Ragman and Other Cries of Faith lying about at home for years and I remember thumbing through it at Christmas or Thanksgiving, reading bits here and there, and being intrigued by the style of writing; the words on the page [...]

The Unbroken Line of Redemption

You’ve just got to love a good genealogy (see Genesis 10, 11 and 46, 1 Chronicles 1-9, Matthew 1 and Luke 3). A while back I took on the task of copying the Bible by hand. I am not very far along, but the reason I wanted to do it was so that [...]

On Stage

Nebraska football fans are passionate. I know this to be true because I am one and have been for most of my life. As a preteen boy, before most of the games were on T.V., I had a game day routine. My popcorn was strategically placed next to my pop, both far enough away that [...]

Appendix M: Media / Music / Movies and a Silly Daydream

I once had a silly daydream. It was a vision–at least for one album–that Andrew Peterson went hip hop. In support of the project, I witnessed Ben Shive, then known as Jive Shive the DJ, laying down some scratch while Andy Gullahorn–pants sinking six inches below the top of his boxers–led the congregation in breakdancing. [...]

The Trumpet Child, Over the Rhine

When it comes to wanting what’s real,
There’s no such thing as greed

So sings Karin Bergquist in the first track of Over the Rhine’s 2007 CD, The Trumpet Child. She sings it in a voice so sultry it makes me blush a little just listening to her.

It Came to Pass (Live)

The Paying Customer Public Relations Department

From the Proprietor:

I didn’t ask Russ to write this. We spoke on the phone several weeks ago about this issue and I expressed the awkwardness I felt about the age-old conversation. He responded with this post.


Andrew Peterson has a problem. He’s not alone in what I’m about to describe, but since he [...]

Settling on This Side of Jordan

Most of my thoughts today find themselves in orbit around a concept seen throughout the Bible. Unfortunately, it’s leapt out of the pages and into my own life as well.

It started when studying Paul’s words in his letter to the Philippians, urging them to focus on eternity and not to be distracted by the [...]

Creative Intent, Part Three: Mystery, Mastery, and Banjos

I’m currently engaged in a discussion, called Perfection vs Communication, on another site, where there are some with an extreme view who say that what’s important in music is feeling, raw emotion, that communication is the point. Others stress the significance of disciplined study (especially me at times), though none of us say expressing [...]

A Note from the Proprietor

The Rabbit Room has been online for several weeks now, and the readership is growing everyday.  Thanks so much to all of you who have linked to the RR from your blogs and websites.  Be sure and mention us and link us to anyone who you think might benefit from reading the reviews, discussions, opinions, [...]

Ratatouille Reminds Us What Art Can Do

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist writing about a family movie that features food and offers a lot to be thankful for. Two of the things that my wife Taya and I enjoy the most are good stories and good food. In Ratatouille we got to enjoy both – and [...]

Creative Intent, Part Two: Flowers and Sacraments

This discussion is continued from yesterday’s post by Russ, “Creative Intent: What Are You Thinking?”


…your thoughts about the questions Russ raises are fascinating. I’d love to add something equally fascinating to the discussion but I don’t think I can. I don’t think. Here’s what I do think.

Art, like the artist, and like the [...]

Derek Webb Sings “Deliver Us”

Here’s another clip from the Behold the Lamb of God DVD. Bebo Norman will be singing Derek’s parts this time around, since the Webbs are on a sort of maternity leave this December. We’ll sure miss ‘em.

Listening to: Phil Keaggy – In the Light of the Common Day
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Creative Intent: What Are You Thinking?

This post is a bit of an experiment in attempting an open discussion about the creative process between any and all reading these words. So if you’re up for it, please weigh in with a response at the end.

Odds are you’ve seen a version of Rodin’s “The Thinker.” Have you ever wondered what [...]

The Importance of Pickles

Pickle – n. Bitter, semi-crunchy, mysteriously preserved, zombie-like remnant of a once innocent and delicious cucumber. Awful, unnatural, and quite possibly blasphemous.