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Give Me Jesus

The two stepped humbly forward for communion. Her dress sparkled in candlelight. We were told that the groom’s eyes were filled with happy tears. The welcome, familiar voices of the officiants, (men who know me from when I was but a sprout of a girl) informed us that there would be a song during the [...]

Song of the Day: Andrew Osenga

This is the song that made me an Andrew Osenga fan.  It’s almost unbearably honest, so beautiful, so contrite.  It expresses so eloquently the way I’ve felt in the wake of sin that I have more than once muttered this song as my best prayer for forgiveness and help.  On this note, have a great [...]

Premeditated Dumb

One day, all dumbness will vanish from my life and my goofs will haunt me no more. Until then, I must reconcile myself to the fact that on some days my elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. In high school, I once drove my car to school–backwards. Then there was the time I gave [...]

Song of the Day: Andy Gullahorn

From Gullahorn’s website: “I say this is the love song to my hat. It was also a way to complain about lazy music industry people – but that is not as endearing.”

Song of the Day: Jason Gray

I spoke with Jason on the phone today and when I told him that he was next in line for the song of the day, he pleaded that I not post his song after Goodgame’s Peanuts goodness. But I have no choice, I told him. I’m posting the songs of the day in [...]

The Good News According To Thad Cockrell

Do you ever find an album that so inexplicably captures you for a season that it’s all you can listen to? That’s what has happened to me with a recent little EP I discovered by Thad Cockrell called “To Be Loved”. Thad is a Nashville transplant who writes songs that feel like modern day gospel [...]

Song of the Day: Randall Goodgame

I chose this song because I was was around during its pregnancy. Randy started with the first few verses and played them for me one afternoon while we were cowriting (working on a song of mine called “Alaska or Bust”, in fact). Charles Schultz had just died, and Randy wasn’t sure if the [...]

Tag Team Corner (Matt & Curt): Favorite Sleepers


We ended our last conversation with the ‘sleeper’ category and it got me thinking – what is my favorite absolutely sleeper pick out there?

Now, let me clarify what I would say a sleeper pick is. I don’t mean an Oscar winner that didn’t make much at the box office. I’m not talking about a [...]

Song of the Day: Jeremy Casella

Take a few minutes and listen to this pretty, sad, hopeful song by Jeremy Casella. It was hard to choose just one song from his newest album RCVRY, but I landed on this one because of the story it hints at. I’m intrigued by songs like this–songs that convey an emotion, paint pictures [...]

The Interruptible Life

My wife hates my desk. And this is completely understandable.

My personality type is “Selfish”. The test results may tell you I am a ‘Lion’ or ‘ENFP’ but one quick look through my actions on a daily basis and it’s clear I was raised an only child. When I am working (or playing for that matter), [...]

Song of the Day: Ron Block

Ron Block has written several of Alison Krauss’s most popular songs. In 2003 the two of them were a part of the annual Behold the Lamb of God Christmas show, and played “There is a Reason,” one of Ron’s finest. I wish you could have heard the way the audience gasped when the [...]

On Irony

In the most recent issue of the design magazine STEP Inside Design there’s a brilliant essay entitled “The Man in the Irony Mask.” Writer Natalia Ilyin makes the case that the long-standing vogue for ironic detachment in the arts has led to an “unfeeling, even cruel aesthetic.” The essay is illustrated with screenshots from 2008 [...]

Song of the Day: Buddy Greene Covers Mark Heard on TOKENS

Last night I had the pleasure of attending (with novelist and Rabbit Room contributor Jonathan Rogers) the second taping of Tokens, a journey through books, music, humor, and theology in the spirit of A Prairie Home Companion. This week the special guests included Buddy Greene, band leader and consummate musical genius Jeff Taylor, Annie [...]

The Health of the Storyteller

I write and speak for a living. Sometimes it is my own story that I communicate while many times it is the stories of others – of friends, Biblical characters, interesting people past and present. It is honestly a fun way to spend my time and I enjoy what I do.

But every job hits a [...]

Gilead: An NPR Interview with the Author

While you may not agree with everything Mrs. Robinson says, I think you’ll agree that her spirit is as sweet, her mind as sharp, and her thinking as deep as her novel suggests.  We still have a few copies of Gilead for sale in the Rabbit Room, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

(By the [...]