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Andrew Peterson

Singer, Songwriter, Author

The proprietor of the Rabbit Room—Andrew Peterson, is the singer-songwriter behind more than ten albums and is the author of the Christy award-winning Wingfeather Saga.

A Fairy Tale, by Cory Godbey

More creative goodness from my friends at Portland Studios. Cory Godbey, whose delightful illustrations populate The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats, worked long and hard on this video for Zune Arts. You can find out more about the concept behind the video at Cory’s blog. What do you think? (Sorry about the weird spacing, by the [...]

A Stream Across the Path

I was reading through the responses to the Sigur Ros video and decided to grab a line or two from each one. It’s remarkable to me how varied the reactions were to this piece, and it’s taught me something about the way we all approach art differently.

I’ve so often been exasperated by the lack of [...]

T-Shirts in the Rabbit Room Store

We have a surplus of T-Shirts left over from the Christmas tour this year, and they’re on sale. They’re American Apparel shirts (which are the most comfortable, high-quality kind on the market, says me), and we’re selling them for $10 plus shipping, which is barely more than what we paid to have them made. [...]

Sigur Ros Makes Me Cry

After seeing some of these responses, I’ve decided to edit my approach and see what you think of the video objectively.

Like I said, the band is Sigur Ros, and the song is called Glosoli.

Enjoy. Or not.

New Stuff in the Rabbit Room Store


We’re proud to now carry in the store both of Ron Block’s solo albums. They each feature Ron’s band, arguably the best bluegrass/country band in the world, Alison Krauss and Union Station, not to mention Ron’s virtuosic musicianship. Some of it is high and lonesome, some of it is toe-tapping bluegrass, and all [...]

A Big Update on the New Record


I’m writing to let you know that [i]Resurrection Letters, Vol. II[/i] won’t be releasing as soon as I had hoped.  In fact, it’ll be releasing much, much later than I had hoped.

Allow me to explain.

The Art of Discipline

With much fear and trembling, I’m posting a recording of my fourth ever speaking engagement. Some folks at the Belmont University Songwriter’s Association were kind enough to invite me to speak for a convocation last month and several of the students asked me for a copy of the recording.

Beowulf: Justin the Ghastly

Here’s another cool video, courtesy of my friends at Portland Studios. Justin Gerard illustrated the cover to my 2005 record The Far Country, as well as the illustrations for my upcoming book On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Portland Studios published a beautiful picture book called Beowulf: Grendel the Ghastly, [...]

The Ruin of the Beast

A video by Stephen Delopolous , whose new record just released. The animation is by my friends at Portland Studios. What do you think?

A Last Minute Speaking Engagement

Hey, folks.

I doubt this’ll do much good this late in the game, but on the off chance that any of you live in Nashville, I’ll be speaking at Belmont University tomorrow morning for a convocation.  It’s for the Belmont Songwriter’s Association, and I’m speaking on songwriting and the art of discipline.

I should probably be speaking [...]