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Andrew Peterson

Singer, Songwriter, Author

The proprietor of the Rabbit Room—Andrew Peterson, is the singer-songwriter behind more than ten albums and is the author of the Christy award-winning Wingfeather Saga.

What Just Happened?

And so, 2010 fades into history and 2011 draws its first cold breath.

I’m sitting in a little log cabin on top of the hill at the Warren on an unseasonably warm New Year’s Eve. My amazing neighbors rent a corner of the place to me, and in the afternoons I climb the hill [...]

The Jesus Storybook Bible

I still get emotional some nights when I read the few sentences from this book at the start of Behold the Lamb of God. Sally Lloyd-Jones conveys in storybook form exactly what I was hoping to convey with the songs from Behold the Lamb: that Jesus is the “missing puzzle piece that makes all the [...]

Cold Snap: A Poem

Hey, folks. I’m two shows into the Behold the Lamb of God tour, and officially in the Christmas spirit, whatever that means. I guess it means I feel a little more like a 10-year-old kid and a little less like a 36-year-old guy who has to fix the sink and the muffler. We’re in Milford, [...]

The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic

Today is the official release day for The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic, by a friend of the Rabbit Room, Jennifer Trafton. A few quick reasons you should buy this book:

1) For starters, that’s a great title. Go ahead. Say it aloud to yourself. There’s rhythm, alliteration, and it evokes a sense of strange, [...]

Black Friday Special

I decided to get wacky and sell digital downloads of my 2005 album The Far Country for a meager $5.00 all weekend. If you’re new to my songs via Counting Stars or “Dancing in the Minefields”, it might be a good place to go next. It’s an album that’s more or less about death, which [...]

A Thanksgiving Poem

Happy Thanksgiving, Rabbit Roomers. In honor of this fine holiday I give you my newest poem, which started out like John Berryman and became a total rip-off of Billy Collins. So don’t sue me. I wrote it while Pete, Jamie and I drove from Tennessee to Shiloh, my folks’ place in North Florida, where I [...]

Makoto Fujimura: A Letter to Young Artists

We just discovered this piece (thanks to Katy Bowser) by renowned painter Makoto Fujimura, adapted from his introduction to our friend Michael Card’s book on creativity, Scribbling in the Sand.

Dear Young Artist:

Remember your first love—how much you enjoyed creating as a child. If you ever lose that sense of joy, you will need [...]

“The Haunted House”, by George MacDonald

I recently discovered this creepy old George MacDonald poem and the painting that inspired it. It may take reading it a few times aloud to get what he’s saying (it did for me, anyway), which I recommend doing with all poetry. So you don’t think it’s all gloom, here’s a snippet from stanza eleven:

God [...]

The Immersed Imagination, Part 3: The Inner Spirit

This is the final part of a series about George MacDonald, adapted from my lecture with Ron Block at Hutchmoot 2010. In part one I discussed the inner chamber (about MacDonald’s peculiar insight into scripture and God’s nature). Part two was about his inner vision, MacDonald’s childlike ability to imagine.

I said before that his [...]

The Immersed Imagination, Part 2: The Inner Vision

This is a series of posts about the imagination, adapted from my lecture at Hutchmoot 2010 about George MacDonald. The last post was about his approach to the doctrine of common grace, the idea that everyone is an image bearer and therefore reveals to us something of the God the Father. That leads us to [...]

The Immersed Imagination, Part 1: The Inner Chamber

At Hutchmoot 2010 Ron Block and I spent an hour or so discussing George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis in a session called “The Immersed Imagination”. A few of you asked for the manuscript and I thought I’d post it here. It’s a little long for a blog entry so I decided to break it up. [...]


Today marks the release of our own Jonathan Rogers’s newest book, so I thought I’d spend some time telling everyone here why I think they should read it. The book is at least as good as the cover, and the cover is, like, super cool. Here goes.

Earlier this year I read Tom Sawyer for the [...]

MONEY, Part 4: Little Things Matter

This is the conclusion of a series of posts about money, art, commerce, and the Kingdom. It’s not so much about money, but a closing thought about the artist’s calling.

The Great Nashville Flood of 2010 was devastating. People died. Homes were lost. We watched our neighborhood street turn into a muddy river. On one [...]

MONEY, Part 3: Suggestions to Chew Upon

I so appreciate all the discussion. Your comments have been moving and encouraging and have pushed me to think deeper about these things. Here’s the recap:

First: wealth is a burden. Poverty is a burden. As one of my Bible college professors Twila Sias (hey, Twila!) pointed out in last week’s comments, Proverbs 30:7-9 sums it [...]

MONEY, Part 2.5: A Response to Some Comments

In part one I talked about the burdens of poverty and of wealth, in part two I laid out some of the nuts and bolts of what it costs to make an album–just one of many ways an artist can use his or her gift to shed light. Before I wrap this up I want [...]