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Eric Peters

Singer, Songwriter, artist, bibliophile

Eric Peters is a Nashville treasure and the singer, songwriter, and recording artist behind some of our favorite albums. He also dresses up in funny clothes and calls himself The Book Mole. True Story.

First Dance

(1 Sam. 16:7, Rev. 21:1-7)

Lake City, MI is as fine a place as any to witness the kingdom come. Throughout the course of my thirty-days at a Young Life summer camp, the faint revelation occurs every Wednesday evening just as the night’s burger-themed dinner is winding down. Tangibly speaking, it has all the trappings of [...]


Gus, a delicate yellow gosling, celebrated only a few waddling days on the Mississippi red-dirt farm where my mother grew up. Of the few sights the creature saw during its abbreviated life, the final was the inside of a German shepherd’s toothy mouth. As with King Charles I, heads rolled. Gus’s premature death caused great [...]


Mid-February morning, silent house, a steaming cup of fresh brewed coffee, and a rare quiet moment to myself in the stillness of the early hours. I need this moment. Peering through the blurry condensation on the kitchen window overlooking my lumpy and weed-riddled Nashville backyard, it is evident that my labor yesterday pruning low-hanging walnut, [...]

Book Review: Beatrice and Virgil (Yann Martel)

Normally, I – in this case, portraying a critic – would proceed to try and convince you to read this or that book by using my own words of approval. But I, already too crummy at convincing people to do this or that, choose instead to quote the author’s own characters – two stuffed animals [...]

Silver Tongue : Golden Voice (An Eric Peters pseudo-interview)

Soon after the release of my latest album, Chrome (2009), I had what business executives–and most normal people–would classify as a bizarre and terrible idea for an interview. Producer Ben Shive humored me, and together we (mostly Ben) pieced together this idea, a self-indulgent mollusk of aural awkwardness. If you [...]

Deconstructing Reality (Or Why I Wrote “Louisiana in the Dark”)

PREFACE: Chrome has been in the public eye for over a year, and though I am grateful for the positive feedback, I get the distinct impression that more than a few songs on the album are difficult to decipher. Though the following may, too, be abstract, it is my [...]

Chrome Christmas Sale

Turns out there’s been an outbreak of psychosis at the North Pole, and a demented little elf mistook this year’s hot Christmas item for my latest album, Chrome. Santa and his minions – not to mention those nine poor, aging reindeer – are set to unload bargains upon the unsuspecting earth. WHO Director, Smithuel Sam, [...]

Book Review: The Art of Family

The Art of Family: Rituals, Imagination, and Everyday Spirituality
Gina Bria (1998, Dell Books)

Traditions, rites, memories, rituals:  These are overwhelming to parents desiring to foster a nurturing home environment for their children — one of joy, playfulness, freedom to be who they (and we) are, common courtesy, respect, and unconditional love. Such big shoes to [...]

The Story of Us All

[Note: What follows is the piece I wrote for my session at Hutchmoot 2010.]

This past summer, throughout the course of a week, six adults shared their personal stories with several hundred high school students attending the camp where I played music. Their stories ranged from sexual abuse, addictions (including pornography, alcohol, drugs), abandonment, and seeking [...]

Song(s) of the Day: Under The Radar (Episode #86)

Recently, I staged a coup d’etat and successfully ousted democratic leader and Under The Radar show host, Dave Trout. When will people learn that, sometimes, democracy simply does not work. He never saw it coming, poor guy.

In the current Under The Radar episode (#86), I take over the reins and pick the entire show’s playlist [...]

Under The Radar Tour Video

If you’ve got eleven minutes to completely waste, here’s what my recently completed Under the Radar tour looked like from the perspective of a handheld, pedestrian autobot video camera. You’ll need an HD Blu-Ray player, 101.1xf digital Dolby surround, 3 MPGs of DOS-RAM, and a pair of Barbie 3-D glasses to see it. Mostly consisting [...]

Solar System: Bill Mallonee in Concert

I’d seen him despondent a few times as of late.
Sometimes the answer that loves gives is the hardest one to take.

Thus begins the Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love) song, “Skin“, about artist Vincent Van Gogh’s self-inflicted removal of a portion of his left ear, and eventually what the artist removed from the earth — [...]

Living Beneath a Walnut Tree

On the southwest corner of my front yard stands a double-forked black walnut tree. Its height of some forty-feet is ample enough to cast a belly shadow across the front porch of the house in the peak of summer. For that I am exceedingly grateful. By early October however, if not sooner, [...]

Tiger Becomes Human

At the Eric Peters Laboratory of Well-Timed Featurettes, I am constantly striving to bring you all manner of entertainment from near and afar. After reading and writing solely about such overblown mundaneities as faith, art, cinema, rechromed bicycles, rabbit coffee mugs, and picking apart such literati as East! Or Be Jostled, let us now turn [...]

Under The Radar Interview

Beginning Friday 9/11/09, Under The Radar (The Best Music You’ve Never Heard) will begin airing an interview I did awhile back with these kind-hearted folks. Host, Dave Trout, is one of the good eggs within the music biz industry, and I’m thankful for people like him who allow me the chance to be heard. Another [...]