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Eric Peters

Singer, Songwriter, artist, bibliophile

Eric Peters is a Nashville treasure and the singer, songwriter, and recording artist behind some of our favorite albums. He also dresses up in funny clothes and calls himself The Book Mole. True Story.

A Juggling Act

My family regularly attends children’s storytime at the Nashville Public Library where Library Pete, The Professor, and Mary Mary regale attendees with stories, rainbow drawings, singing, and the continuing puppet adventures of Cedric the Dragon, Spanish Fox, JJ the Lamb, and Tommy Dog. Beyond all the puppeteering aimed at the kids, though, the proceedings are [...]

Happy Birthday, Frederick Buechner

Today is Mr. Buechner’s 83rd birthday. He is one of our favorite authors here in the Rabbit Room. We wish him a hearty 83rd, along with plenty more to follow. Cheers!

Eric Peters t-shirts

I think everyone agrees: t-shirts are both necessary for humankind, and fairly handy when it comes to social interaction. There’s nothing worse than meeting new people, and realizing you have no shirt on. *Awkward*.

Here’s something else I think folks agree upon: old Volkswagens (i.e., pre-1970’s models) are some of the best cars ever made. My [...]

Square Peg Alliance Uncovers Rare Dino Bones During Midwest Tour

Nashville, TN (AP Wire)

Eight Nashville-based singer-songwriters, collectively named The Square Peg Alliance, recently uncovered the rare fossilized bones of a Cretaceous vodka-swilling winged super-raptor during a two-day run of concerts in the American midwest. Casualties were reported.

Electric guitar slinging folk-rock sensation, Andrew Osenga, evidently springing to his nine-toed feet in a spontaneous sprint [...]

I Had To Tell You

I’m dragging today, and am fighting my daily bout with the post-lunch lethargy (a good reason my friends call me “Pappy”) as Ben and I are up at the studio adding touches to a song called “I Had To Tell You”. The A/C is on today, and we give thanks. I’m struggling to stay focused [...]

Revenge of the Birds

In the interest of shameless, low brow self-promotion, I wish to make it known that I had a book come out (“releasing”?, “hitting the shelves”?) this Friday May 8. It is titled, Revenge of the Birds.

Revenge of the Birds is an adventure book for kids-of-all-ages. Complete with colloquial illustrations, I wrote it in the 5th [...]

Illinois in the Middle

Last weekend I was in Champaign, IL, a place that felt like it should be dead-center in the middle of a cast-iron pancake griddle. On one side of the interstate were rows of new construction homes, while on the other, ploughed fields reaching out to the horizon with deep, dark tendrils. I find it hard [...]

“Chrome” and the New Recession

Residing in newborn-baby land for the past month, shy of any alertness or creativity, I am indeed still alive, though my communication has been equivalent to nil. This winter/spring calendar has hands-down been the bleakest I have ever known as far as getting and securing work/shows/income. In some ways for us, it’s not much different [...]

Words Under The Words: The Poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye

While we were in college, my then-girlfriend, now wife, Danielle, introduced me to the poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye. Though I was not reared on poetry or the merits of prose, most of it soaring far above my head (sorry, Bill Shakespeare), I was readily drawn into the world and words of Mrs. Nye. I [...]

Acedia & Me: A Book Review

Browsing the shelves of wicked-cool used bookstore here in Nashville, McKay Books, I happened upon Kathleen Norris’s (The Cloister Walk, Dakota, Amazing Grace) latest, Acedia & Me. Though I had no idea she had a new book out, the cheap sticker price for a primo first edition (Note: you will recall from a previous post that I have a more [...]

The British Woman Living Inside My GPS

Yesterday afternoon, I loaded up the tour bus (i.e., minivan) with guitars, gear, iPod and a cello. Genial cellist and all-around cordial gentleman, Hitoshi Yamaguchi, offered to tag along with me for a show I had in Pinson, AL last night. As I’ve grown weary of the long, lonely hours of solo trips, I was [...]

Grace of Michigan

I was back in Michigan for the second time in three-and-a-half weeks. Knowing that it was a long drive to our ultimate destination of Lake City, my family left Nashville early on a  Thursday where we reached Grand Rapids that evening and stayed the night with friends, Paul and Lyn, Michiganders who have been kind [...]

Climbing Capernaum

The boy’s legs were useless.

He could write and speak his name perfectly well (Brett), he could use his young hands to grip the braided climbing rope supporting his frame, but his body from the waist down was as inoperable as felled masts of white pine. Like the moon in a clear, [...]

Sparrows in the Rafters

Like on most Sundays, I attend a local church with my family. This particular day the sun is its normal late morning self, lazy but benignly ruling the sky. The church’s downtown parking lot, littered by the typical urban debris – strewn paper, crumpled plastic wrappers, discarded bottle tops, broken glass, [...]

Murfreesboro Awakenings

Many thanks to the fine folks at Trinity UMC in Murfreesboro, TN last night for hosting me a second time. This was originally scheduled to be a show this past December, but one I had to cancel due to a severe cold, possibly the flu, the first I’ve ever had to cancel on account of [...]