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Eric Peters

Singer, Songwriter, artist, bibliophile

Eric Peters is a Nashville treasure and the singer, songwriter, and recording artist behind some of our favorite albums. He also dresses up in funny clothes and calls himself The Book Mole. True Story.

Alabama at Midnight

Posted in: Site News — Eric at 10:43 pm on Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I crossed the Tennessee River at precisely 12:30am. I know this because I happened to glance at the green-glowing dashboard clock while the waters sneaked along dark and cavernous beneath the airborne pavement at that very moment. The river barely revealed its […]

How To Know What To Say (and When Not To Say It)

It is a good thing to wake up feeling healthy after having been ill. I am crawling out from under the terrible anvil of what amounts to either a massive cold, or the flu. Whatever official title the bug wishes to be dubbed, it was no picnic and it managed to cost me, and no […]

Andrew Peterson: Love and Thunder

I am outside on my front porch. The yellowed leaves are methodically falling from the black walnut in the yard, my breath is chalky visible in the recent cold snap, and lately I have been exploring the unpleasant nuances of the dark night of a soul – my own, to be exact. It is a […]

The Caney Fork

Traveling west on Interstate 40 across the rain-drenched dales of middle Tennessee, my mind is distinctly set in a honing pattern upon home, that cradle necessary as Mesopotamia to ancient civilization. It is a late Sunday afternoon,