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Matt Conner is a freelance writer and journalist who has interviewed nearly everyone who has ever played music. That isn't entirely true.

Kierkegaard Quote

My friend posted a quote the other day that has me thinking (although it should have me ‘doing’). I’ve actually read this a couple times but now, more than ever, I am considering the implications and whether or not I agree. Then I thought the Rabbit Room is a perfect place for such an excerpt:

The [...]

Review: Resurrection Letters, Volume II

I had the pleasure of reviewing AP’s latest, Resurrection Letters, Volume II, over at Soul-Audio and I thought it might be of moderate interest here, seeing as how Andrew Peterson is slightly connected here and that some of us are nominal fans.

If you haven’t purchased this album, do so now! It’s really an incredible listen [...]

Interview: Jill Phillips

I recently interviewed the fantastic singer/songwriter and friend of Andrew Peterson’s known as Jill Phillips. In the interview, she talks about being away for a bit from the music scene, being on the Christmas tour for the fifth year and her brand new album due out in just over a month.

The Lie of Politics

I fell for it again these last few weeks. And it hurt more people than I wish to admit.

You see, I’ve never voted. Not once. I don’t really care to get caught up in this person or that candidate. I find the notion silly that everything has to be pared down to only two options [...]

Art & Accessibility

I’ve been struggling over a quote that I’ve read from Madeleine L’Engle, who I personally think is one of God’s most precious gifts to the artistically inclined. Her books like Walking on Water have inspired me toward many endeavors and I have passed that particular book to several friends who all say the same: how [...]

RR Interview: Jason Gray

The latest Rabbit Room interview shines a spotlight on Centricity singer/songwriter Jason Gray. Some of you might know Jason’s music from the brand new album he’s supposed to have by now but doesn’t because he’s taking absolutely forever to write anything new at all. When I asked him off the record about this delay, he [...]

Guilt-Free Free Time

“Father, it’s been quite some time since my last confession. And I have sinned. You see, I took a week off last week. It’s called a Sabbath, which I think is Greek or Latvian for ‘invest in some time away only to feel guilty the entire time for doing so.’ Anyway, I feel horrible and [...]

A Skewed View of Nudes

Recently, I ran across an article about an elementary school in Colorado that took a group of fifth graders to an art museum…

*Pregnant Pause*

I just want to let that soak in. I know, I know. Incredible, isn’t it? I can’t believe the audacity of that art teacher. What’s crazy about it is that it was [...]

The Role of Certainty

“Certainty is the place you stop when you’re tired of thinking.”

I loved this quote when I first stumbled across it. I guess I have always had a problem with people who are so firm on what they perceive as the correct worldview that it’s as if they think God has revealed all mysteries to them [...]

RR Interview: Ben Shive

So the most celebrated album around here lately is easily The Ill-Tempered Klavier. Yet besides the beautiful music, you won’t find much information available about the thoughtful artist behind the release. Thus, we can think of no better artist to reveal next in our Rabbit Room Interview Series than Ben Shive himself.

RR Interview: Eric Peters

It’s time for another official installment in the “Rabbit Room Interview Series” and there’s no better place to go than to the door of the (much too) humble mind of Eric Peters. For those familiar with the wonderful Scarce or even earlier material (Ridgely, anyone?), you know Peters to be a very talented singer/songwriter. What [...]

RR Interview: Randall Goodgame

Welcome to a new series here in the Rabbit Room, where we will periodically peek into the lives of our contributors as well as other artists, musicians and writers in interview form. We believe that not only is it important to hear from those we appreciate so much but we also enjoy knowing about them [...]

The Interruptible Life

My wife hates my desk. And this is completely understandable.

My personality type is “Selfish”. The test results may tell you I am a ‘Lion’ or ‘ENFP’ but one quick look through my actions on a daily basis and it’s clear I was raised an only child. When I am working (or playing for that matter), [...]

The Health of the Storyteller

I write and speak for a living. Sometimes it is my own story that I communicate while many times it is the stories of others – of friends, Biblical characters, interesting people past and present. It is honestly a fun way to spend my time and I enjoy what I do.

But every job hits a [...]

“I Just Want To Sing About Jesus”

I just returned home from a joyous, frustrating, exciting, confused, fun, boring week in Nashville. It’s properly called GMA Week and it stands for Gospel Music Association’s week-long event of seminars, interviews, luncheons, dinners, concerts, schmoozing and culminates in the Dove Awards (the Christian Grammy).

It’s an adjective-filled week (see above) for myself because I’m mostly [...]