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Matt Conner is a freelance writer and journalist who has interviewed nearly everyone who has ever played music. That isn't entirely true.

An Intuitive Response

I recently attended the Festival of Faith & Music at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Famed painter Makato Fujimara was there to present at the initial keynote session and he did a fine job setting the stage for the weekend’s proceedings.

Within his message, mostly tuned in to the passage on ‘extravagance’ found in Mark [...]

Book Review: Outliers

Probably most of you have heard of Malcolm Gladwell, the author behind such best-selling titles as Blink or The Tipping Point. If not, then just know that it’s stimulating, easy to read non-fiction that Wikipedia calls “pop sociology.” (Although I realize that someone could easily edit it if you wanted to fact-check me and change [...]

Only So Much You Can Say

It was an unexpected interview. Not that fact that I was interviewing Roger O’Donnell, longtime keyboardist for The Cure and Thompson Twins, since I had it scheduled for a few weeks in advance already, but rather that I actually enjoyed it so much. I’ve interviewed nearly 1,000 musicians in my time as a writer so [...]

RR Interview: Steve Turner

One of the foremost thinkers concerning the topic of Christians in the arts must be Steve Turner, author of the pivotal work Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts. It was a work that moved me greatly and I’ve read it a few times to cement the truths found inside.

Steve has also written several [...]

Soul-Audio Interviews Andrew Peterson

Hey guys, just wanted to pass along the latest interview over at Soul-Audio with the Proprietor himself, Andrew Peterson. We had a chance to get some honest reflections about the upcoming Christmas tour, the new album and a lot of other topics I haven’t heard Andrew speak on before. Here’s part of the interview:

Eric Peters at

“Eric Peters is cursed with an inability to settle or to sell out, afflicted with a need to follow his nose musically, lyrically, while spiritually he has falteringly tried his best to follow where God leads.”

Andrew Peterson wrote those words about the Louisiana native for the Square Peg website of which both songwriters are a [...]

A Reminder of Why

It’s a beautiful thing to be reminded of why we do what we do and why we love what we love. I recently spent the weekend in Spokane, Washington (a lovely part of the country) speaking to some high school students and young adults. The subject of the four talks I gave from Friday through [...]

Kierkegaard Quote

My friend posted a quote the other day that has me thinking (although it should have me ‘doing’). I’ve actually read this a couple times but now, more than ever, I am considering the implications and whether or not I agree. Then I thought the Rabbit Room is a perfect place for such an excerpt:

The [...]

Review: Resurrection Letters, Volume II

I had the pleasure of reviewing AP’s latest, Resurrection Letters, Volume II, over at Soul-Audio and I thought it might be of moderate interest here, seeing as how Andrew Peterson is slightly connected here and that some of us are nominal fans.

If you haven’t purchased this album, do so now! It’s really an incredible listen [...]

Interview: Jill Phillips

I recently interviewed the fantastic singer/songwriter and friend of Andrew Peterson’s known as Jill Phillips. In the interview, she talks about being away for a bit from the music scene, being on the Christmas tour for the fifth year and her brand new album due out in just over a month.