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Russ Ramsey

pastor, author

Russ Ramsey is the author of Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative and Behold the King of Glory: A Lenten Narrative(forthcoming). He serves as a pastor at Midtown Fellowship Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He and his wife Lisa have four amazing kids.

Oh, There You Are.

A big, global thanks to all of you who took a minute to reply to our recent “Hey! Where You At?” post. After a record 290 replies as of 7:00AM on November 1, I thought I’d take moment to compile some results.

First, as best as I can tell, for around 125 of you, this was your first time [...]

The Last of a Generation, Part 3 – Departure

The Last of a Generation, Part 1 – Landing

The Last of a Generation, Part 2 – Ground Transportation


The cornerstone by the entrance to the church in Metuchen, New Jersey, where we’re holding Nana’s memorial service reads, “1717.”

Think about that.

“What am I,” I wonder as I cross the threshold, “the millionth person to enter this building?” [...]

Hey! Where You At?

NORTH AMERICAN UPDATE: At close to 250 responses already, I’m wondering where the good people of Alaska, Connecticut, Deleware, Hawaii, Maryland, Montana, Neveda, both Dakotas Rhode Island, Utah and Wyoming are.

And Canada, I know where you are, but… where are you? Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario have thrown out a wave, but what about the [...]

The Last of a Generation, Part II- Ground Transportation

“The Last of a Generation- Part 1, Landing”

“The Last of a Generation- Part 3, Departure”


“You’re the boss, Boss,” Desmond the Concierge said when I asked if I could leave my bags with him at the hotel and pick them up later. Mom and I were headed into the city for the day and wouldn’t be [...]

The Last of a Generation- Part I, Landing

“The Last of a Generation-Part 2, Ground Transportation”

“The Last of a Generation-Part 3, Departure”


The tires under the right wing touched the ground for a split second before a gust of wind thrust us back up into the turbulence.

Manhattan lay to my left, Newark to my right.

Another rush of pressure pushed us back down to the [...]

Oak Hills Online

Hey, Rabbit Room.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but wanted to take a moment to highlight a new development in the cybersphere.  Earlier this year Andrew Peterson posted about ten of my sermons from an Easter series I was preaching, and I got a few questions asking if we had the rest [...]

The Hurt Locker: Being More Than One Thing At A Time

Vincent van Gogh put the barrel of his pistol to his chest and pulled the trigger. Earnest Hemingway, three weeks shy of his 62nd birthday, used a shotgun and aimed about a foot higher.  Heroine and cocaine took Belushi and Farley.  It appears, at least in part, that small armies of sycophants with the power to prescribe [...]

Leave It Like It Is

Back, back, back.  Back before the compact disc, back before the personal computer, back before the existence of the mini-van, there was a public library in Tipton, Indiana with a brand new laser disk player, complete with about seven film choices.

In my mesh football jersey and yellow swimming trunks, bike resting unlocked in the rack [...]

For Moms About To Rock, I Salute You!

I grew up in rural Indiana, in a small town where the only kids around who had long hair usually had reputations as trouble-makers as well.  And there weren’t many of them.  Back in Jr. High I decided I wanted to play electric guitar, and found inspiration from the glam metal bands popular at the [...]

Marking Time on Good Friday – A Lenten Reflection

My work as a pastor has me dealing a lot right now with the chronology and sequence of the last days and even hours of Jesus’ earthly ministry prior to His death.  I put the following image together based on my best analysis and synthesis of the four Gospel narratives’ treatment of Good Friday.  The information in this [...]