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Sarah Clarkson


Sarah Clarkson is a freelance writer who hails from the dappled foothills of Colorado and plans to write at least one great novel in her lifetime. In the meantime, she studies literature and writes about the wondrous world of children's stories. She is the author of Read for the Heart, a parents' guide to a healthy reading life for their family.

Book Review: Island of the World

I came fully awake very early this morning, and opened my eyes to a window full of sheer crimson light. One of those rare, red mornings that come sometimes in autumn had visited the mountains. I wonder if beauty can be so great that it wakes you even from physical sleep, because I was exhausted. […]

A Many-faced Mercy

I’m up to my neck in a Jeremiah study this fall.

There’s a Bible study in Kentucky of which I am an honorary, if distant, member. When I lived in Nashville, I drove up once a week to pore over this or that book in the Old Testament with these people, and six years later, I’ve […]

Aptin’s Feast

From the minute I stepped off the plane that brought me home to Colorado from Hutchmoot, I’ve had this post in my head. “Better late than never,” is an adage I am coming to embrace as a writer, because I never get things written as quickly as I think I will. But Hutchmoot has followed […]

Lessons in Shared Dreaming

“This is your first lesson in shared dreaming.”

Talk about a line to get a writer thinking. The minute Dom, a major character in the movie Inception, said it, I sat up straight and wished I had a pen in hand. I went to the theater expecting an action flick, I came out feeling that I […]

Cue suspenseful music…

. . .because I’m about to post about the Twilight Series!

When you are finished gasping please note that no, I haven’t actually read them. No, I probably won’t. And no, I don’t have a hugely literary opinion upon them other than knowing that every person I know who has read them has nothing to say […]

Tell Me Into Your Story

“Our girl is here!” Gwen says the instant I walk in the door. And Larla, Gwen’s ninety-five year old mother, turns to greet me. Her gray eyes are so crammed now with the past there’s almost no room for the present, but she gives me a questioning smile. “We love her,” Gwen says matter-of-factly, patting […]

Review: Remembering

There is a peculiar light to Monday mornings–uneasy, as if hurry thrums in the very color of the day. The workday rush was mobbing my conscience, but I gated it out because I was reading a book I truly could not put down. It was noon before I finished, and by that time all my […]

Time of Gold

Note: Time to introduce another guest writer. Everyone say hello to Sarah Clarkson from the great state of Colorado. She’s been lurking around here for a while now and when I stumbled onto her blog, The Itinerant Idealist, a couple of weeks ago and read a few of her gorgeously written posts, I invited her […]