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A. S. "Pete" Peterson is the managing editor of the Rabbit Room and Rabbit Room Press, as well as the author of the historical adventure novels The Fiddler's Gun and Fiddler's Green.

Working Toward Ten Thousand Hours

It’s poker night. It’s 9pm and several of my friends are upstairs having a great time. I imagine there’s at least one cigar being smoked, a few potent potables sitting around on coasters, and a good deal of laughter.

Meanwhile, I’m at the kitchen table with my laptop, it’s quiet, I’m alone, and [...]

Finding Criticism

While I was on vacation I got an email from my editor and sat back to consider it with suspicion.  I was worried that it might contain good news and let’s face it, nothing is worse than good news.  Allow me to explain.

It’s easy to look around and find ten people to read your work [...]

Letters to Peter

When I first launched the website for The Fiddler’s Gun one of the things I wanted to do was to find a way to flesh out the world and the story for people even though they hadn’t read the book yet.  What I came up with is a feature I call “Letters to Peter“.  The [...]

Rare and Collectible

The FedEx man dropped off a little box last week and I tore into it like a kid on Christmas morning.  Bookmarks!  But wait–what on earth have they done?  They’re printed wrong.  The knuckleheads at the print shop got the front and back image turned in opposite directions so that you have to flip the [...]

Origin of The Fiddler’s Gun

Contrary to popular belief (trust me, I’ve polled it), I did not sit down one day and think, “Ah hah!  I shall write an adventure novel of the Revolutionary War and my heroine shall be named Phinea Button!”

The real story, if you choose to believe it, is that some years ago I decided to try [...]

Up: Write Your Review

I sat in the theater Friday night waiting for the lights to go down and I pondered the possibility that UP might be Pixar’s first flop.   I’ve come to feel about that moment when the Pixar logo appears much the same as I once did about the glittering green of a Lucasfilm logo.  When [...]

Back to Basics

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some very poorly executed movies.  Is there anything more frustrating than going into a theater with high expectations and watching for two hours as those hopes are slowly dashed to pieces?  Why yes, I’m sure there are things more frustrating but it’s definitely near the top of [...]

In Search of Pierce Pettis

Last Sunday I was a visitor hiding on the back pew of a church in Houston.  It was an inconspicuous little place filled with quietly ordinary people and a sensible lack of grandeur.  After the sermon and the closing hymn and the benediction, the pastor held up his hand and told us one last announcement [...]

Stop Pillaging My Childhood

This weekend I saw two movies that I’ve been looking forward to all year.  The first was Star Trek and I’m sure everyone has read the reviews and more importantly heard from all their friends that it’s a great movie.  No need for me to expound on that.  Despite a few warts, it’s great.  Go [...]

Song of the Day Interview: Randall Goodgame

Besides being a Rabbit Room contributor, Randy Goodgame is a member of both the Square Peg Alliance and the Brite Revolution.  He’s also been a friend of mine for many years and is one of my favorite songwriters.  Recently, he’s made some important decisions in order to refocus the direction of his career and he [...]