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A. S. "Pete" Peterson is the managing editor of the Rabbit Room and Rabbit Room Press, as well as the author of the historical adventure novels The Fiddler's Gun and Fiddler's Green.

Book of Mercy

I stumbled onto a treasure this weekend in the bookstore.  Leonard Cohen.  I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time, from the silky Art Garfunkel-esqe sound of his younger days to the deep, baritone rasps of his golden years, and though I’ve picked up his books of poetry often enough out of [...]

Campfire Tales: The Stephens Hill Horror

Author’s Note: I’ve always been a fan of H.P. Lovecraft.  I love his weird words and the strange way he’s able to evoke things that are both awe-inspiring and horrific at the same time.  His stories, even the bad ones and those that are merely repeats of others, stick in my mind for days [...]

The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

Waffle House.  There’s something suspect about a restaurant that has the exact same floor plan no matter where you go.  The more I think about it the more I wonder if that shouldn’t be comforting.  Maybe it’s the guy in the booth under the two-way mirror giving me the stink-eye and working a set of [...]

Song of the Day: Ben Shive

In the very odd case that you have yet to be convinced that The Ill-Tempered Klavier is the best non-rap record ever to contain the word Ill, I submit today’s Song of the Day as evidence and hope you will be persuaded.

“New Year” is the sort of song I can’t help but listen to over [...]

Song of the Day: Jill Phillips

Love songs and Springsteen are the hot topics of the week so this pick for Song of the Day ought to be just about perfect. “Everyday” is off of Jill’s first album, Jill Phillips, and it’s not only a great love song but there’s a reference to one of The Boss’s best in the [...]

The Gospel According to Bruce

Sometime about eight years ago, I discovered that I was a Springsteen fan. I didn’t become a fan, mind you, I simply found out that I was one. I never really paid much attention to him during my formative musical years in the 80’s. I saw the “Born in the USA.” video [...]

Song of the Day: Eric Peters

Eric Peters has been one of my favorite songwriters since I first discovered his Scarce album a few years ago. This is “Long Road to Nowhere ” and it’s just one great song off an entire album of great songs. Right now (possibly at this very moment) he’s hard at work recording his next [...]

Song of the Day: Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame

“Dreams” — this is my favorite song off of the Slugs, Bugs, & Lullabies album. Why? Simple. It’s got pirates, mad killer bees, and Zorbians. Yo ho ho. Any questions? [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Green Shoes

I’ve spent a lot of time lately feeling unwanted, unknown, and unloved in general. I suspect a lot of other singles deal with such feelings and I have to remind myself often that I’m not the only person that feels and fears these things. Usually it’s an annoying tickle in my mind that [...]

Song of the Day: Andrew Osenga

The Photographs album was my first exposure to the ‘other Andrew’ (or would that be the other other Andrew?) and man, I was just blown away. This album has seen so much time in my CD player that it’s finally been rendered unplayable and placed in the frisbee drawer. Never fear, thanks to [...]