Blackbird Theater Presents: Amadeus

Blackbird Theater Presents: Amadeus

Last year we invited you to join us for Blackbird Theater’s performance of G. K. Chesterton’s Magic. We had a great turnout and a fun discussion afterward at Baja Burrito. Then At Hutchmoot 2013 many of you had the chance to meet, Greg Greene and Wes Driver, the creative team behind Blackbird Theater, and just a few months ago we invited everyone to attend Blackbird’s performance of the Tony Award-winning Red which, if you missed it, was one of the best stage plays I’ve ever seen.

This March, as part of the Mozart in Music City series*, we’re proud to be involved with yet another Blackbird production: Peter Shaffer’s Tony Award-winning Amadeus. As you’re probably aware, Amadeus (the basis of the 1984 film) tells the tale of the complex relationship between Wolfgang Mozart and Antonio Salieri. But more than a mere biography (much of it is pure fiction), the story is an examination of creative gifting and the jealous, self-righteous ways in which we are tempted to respond to it in others.

We’ve secured tickets for opening weekend on March 9th in Nashville and are making them available in the Rabbit Room store at a discount. Pick up yours early; we don’t expect them to last. We’ve also got some fun stuff planned between now and opening weekend that we hope will generate some good discussion, and there will be a special Q&A with the cast and crew after the show.

Great music, great storytelling, great theater. We’ll see you there.

*Click through for the full rundown of Mozart in Music City.