Rabbit Room Review & Reprise 04-25-14

I’m expecting a truck to pull up any minute and start unloading hardback editions of The Monster in the Hollows for Kickstarter backers. Maps and The Warden and the Wolf King should be here early next week and Pembrick’s Creaturepedia shortly thereafter. I’m not sure where we’re going to put all these books, but we’ll figure something out. Let me see if I can get this Friday recap done before the truck gets here.

Lamb-Slain-535x266Going back to Good Friday, I reposted one of my favorite passages from The Supper of the Lamb. If you haven’t read the book, then you must. My wife likes to say that if G. K. Chesterton and N. T. Wright got together to write a cookbook, this would be the result. And reading it during Holy Week is a traditional worth keeping . . . this passage especially.

Then on Saturday, Jen Rose and Chris Yokel showed up with some Lenten poetry. Chris wrote a trio of poems fittingly called a “Lenten Triology,” and Jen’s, “How it All Ends,” specifically commemorates Holy Saturday. Let the poets know what you think.

astronaut_suit_3d_model_by_radoxist-d5p79peOn Monday morning, David Bruno decided to put together the two most disparate subjects he could think of. The resulting post puts Wendell Berry and space travel together for the first time and asks you for your opinion. Check out “Garden Tomatoes and Rocket Ships” and join the discussion.

New Header 2014Andy Osenga’s life is changing in a big way. He’s turning in his guitar for a desk—okay, that’s just me being dramatic, but it’s also partly true. He broke the news this week in a piece called “New Beginning.” I know Andy’s really excited about this new direction in his career, and I can’t wait to see where it takes him. Read the full post for the scoop.

love-music-wallpaper-20203-hd-widescreen-wallpapersMatt Conner checked in with the Monday Music Update (he was late, and it almost became the Tuesday Music Update, which isn’t nearly as alliterative). Read the post for news about Don and Lori Chaffer (Waterdeep), Randall Goodgame (Slugs & Bugs), Andy Osenga (Stage-It show), Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive (covering Rich Mullins), and Chris Slaten (Son of Laughter).

fiddleOn Wednesday, Barbara Lane delivered a post of, in this editor’s biased opinion, impeccable literary taste and insight. The piece,“Ink Between the Lines,” takes a look at one very real way that Barbara has turned pain into beauty in her life (and in her arm). Luci Shaw and Fin Button make welcome cameo appearances.

holding-moon-illusion-01Jonathan Rogers kept it short and sweet this week with a brief anecdote called “Ball.”

I think I heard a truck full of books pulling up outside, so I’ll leave you with a couple of songs that Ben Shive wrote and recorded for his church during Holy Week. Enjoy.

“Remember Me”
by Ben Shive

“Into Your Hands”
by Ben Shive

You can also listen to the songs on Ben’s website here.