Rabbit Room Review & Reprise 5-16-14

This week we loaded over 9000 copies of The Warden and the Wolf King and Pembrick’s Creaturepedia into the Rabbit Room office, and tomorrow morning, we’ll start boxing up Kickstarter orders and mailing them out. The mailing process is bound to take several days, but some of you should start receiving your books, art prints, maps, and (in some cases) original drawings, by the middle of next week. Ebooks and desktop wallpapers will also go out in the next few days. We think you’ll be pleased with the final product. Here’s what was going on this week when we weren’t loading books:

inkwell-art1-1Sam Smith and the folks at the Story Warren are getting together next month for Inkwell, the first of what is hopefully an annual conference for families. The roster features Andrew Peterson (writing), Randall Goodgame (songwriting), Zach Franzen (illustration), Rebecca Reynolds (poetry), and more. It’s an event for the entire family and there’s still time to register. Click here for more information.

grass-field-mountains-hills-trees-sun-rays-light-morning-sky-1361874Lanier Ivester has an old soul and it came out this week in the form of a gorgeous poem called “This Is What Joy Looks Like.” Recommended reading while spring is still in bloom. Here’s an excerpt:

“All earth holds its breath, waiting, for that one, clear, cold note;
for the ache of the thing that is surely coming; for the nativity of the world.
(You have forgotten to wait for it, sitting indoors with your fingers
interlaced, or kneeling to blow on blood-red coals yet smoldering upon a bed
of grey ash. But now you remember, stung alive by that keen air,
bearing tinctures of delicate things for all its rude handling—violets and tiny white feathers
and bits of blue shell at the foot of a tree. Forgetting takes time, but
remembrance is the matter of a moment.)”

The Oracle of PhiladelphiaEvery writer knows what it’s like to put so much work into a piece that he can no longer stand to look at it. If anyone ever said it was supposed to be easy, they were lying. Pete Peterson uses his recent short story, “The Oracle of Philadelphia,” to discuss the love and loathing we all experience in the creative process. Read his post, “I’m Sick of This,” here.

RogersversIn the past, Blackbird Theater has invited the Rabbit Room audience to a number of their productions, and they’re doing so again this month with Roger’s Version. The play is an original adaptation of one of John Updike’s most acclaimed novels, and we’re delighted that we’ve been invited to a special invitation-only premiere on May 29th. Admission is free to Rabbit Room members, and only $5 for non-members. If you enjoy thought-provoking theater, don’t miss the show. Click here for more information.

That’s it for now. We’ve got Kickstarter orders to fill!