Create Your Cloven Contest

Create Your Cloven Contest

Wingfeather fans have long heard tell of mysterious cloven haunting the Blackwood. These creatures are reportedly the twisted results of the failed melding between man and beast. To have a little interactive fun with the Wingfeather community, we came up with the “Create Your Cloven Contest.” Our hope is to get fans inspired to do something creative, even if they don’t view themselves as creative types! We won’t be judging the entries based solely on technical merit. We just want you to have fun.

Here are the general rules: Create and draw your own cloven, made up of a human and one or more animals. Give it a strange or creepy name. Post a photo on Instagram and hashtag #clovenfast and #wingfeathersaga in the description. Contest deadline is June 20th.

That’s all. The rest is up to you! Judging will commence once the deadline has passed. Three winners will receive a copy of The Warden and the Wolf King, signed by Andrew Peterson and signed and doodled in by illustrator Joe Sutphin (that’s me!).

You may be asking, “What is Clovenfast?” Well, you will have to find out for yourself when you read The Warden and the Wolf King, available 6/24 at and elsewhere in the world on 7/22.

Happy drawing, mad scientists!