Unbottling Imagination For A Dangerous Day in June

Unbottling Imagination For A Dangerous Day in June

Do you dream of connecting your children to what you love? I think we all do, especially when what we love most is the Kingdom of God. Anticipating the Kingdom has become the central concern in our family, showing up on the edges of conversations and decisions, coloring our black and white ambition with love. Of course we often lose focus, but it is the thing we come back to when we want to really see. And it is not only the Kingdom, of course, but the King.  

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve become convinced of the essential importance of imagination as a root of meaning in life. What we imagine, we love. What we anticipate, we live for. I don’t have to make a case for the importance of imagination in this place, I think. But I will declaim its centrality. Without imagination, there is no real faith. It is seeing what may not be precisely present, but what IS. It is an opportunity for humble conformity to Reality.

I know it is fashionable to be enamored of Doubt, but I need holy imagination to counter my own woeful doubting. My kids need it, just like I do. Gina and I see our job as parents centered around shaping the affections of our children. We want them to love what is True, Good, and Beautiful. 

Story Warren grew out of this soil. Well, it’s growing out of this soil. We partnered with saddlepals bent on the same adventure and rode off into the unknown. It’s been nearly two years and, like our friends here, we are finding the merely virtual to lack the virtue of face-to-face encounters. Not that our website is without virtue. I believe it is, thanks to our wonderful writers, a humble haven of beauty and virtue. But we want incarnation. 

So, we have a conference planned. We have a day set aside. We have friends familiar to you all on board. We have the generous use of a welcoming place. We are preparing a table for you. We are cooking up a feast of imagination and light. We are asking God to give us good things in a good place. We are asking God to give shape to young souls, and to soften old ones. We want to fulfill our mission in person.

We are allies in imagination.

We’re on your side.

Story Warren has featured many different kinds of material, but it’s always tethered to our deep desire to serve you, parents and others, as you foster holy imagination in the kids you love.

Inkwell is an adventure in Kingdom Anticipation.

Inkwell is about Unbottling Imagination.

It is a table and there’s even desert, because God invented sugar. But the table we’re setting is in a war zone, where light makes its steady advance agains the ubiquitous night. You are invited to join us. The details are here. We would love to be present during even a small part of your family’s story. Perhaps it’s a seemingly unimportant scene, where a small spark rises among many others and is carried off on the wind, falling far away. But over time, it kindles into something bright, wild, and –most beautiful of all– deadly dangerous to the darkness.

Plus, it’ll be fun.

inkwell art 

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What is Story Warren?

On top of the conference, we’re having a concert that night, featuring some little-known guys named Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame.


It’s going to be a good day in Charlotte.

Come and join us.