Wolf King PosterThe day is finally here. After years of work by a lot of different people (I’m looking at you, Pete, Kris, Christie, Carrie, Jessica, Joe, and all you Kickstarters), we’re about to set The Warden and the Wolf King loose. Some of you have already read it. (Thank you!) Others of you may be sick of us promoting it. (Sorry!) But with this many people and this much work involved, it would be silly to not try and give these books the best possible shot at making it into the hands of the masses. I have long believed that Story (with a capital “s”) is the language God wired our hearts to speak, and my hope is that this story is one that will speak to your heart, no matter what you may believe.

So, if you’re a fan of the Wingfeather Saga and you’re willing to help, here’s what you can do:

1) Come to Parnassus Books, 3900 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215 at 6:30 tonight for the release party! We’ll have a book signing, a costume party, snacks (bibes!), and Skye and I will be singing a Wingfeather song.

2) Tweet about the books. You can link to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or here at the Rabbit Room Store.

3) If you blog, please write a review about book four–or about the series as a whole.

4) If you’re J. J. Abrams, please consider making a film.

5) This is a big one: leave a review on Amazon! From what I hear, the number of these reviews is influential to buyers, so whether you just rate it or you have time to write a few words about the book, I’ll be grateful.

6) If you’re Pixar or Dreamworks, please consider making a film.

7) Pin it! We have a Pinterest page for the Wingfeather Saga.

8) If you’re a member of Goodreads, leave a review there, too!

9) And, of course, there’s Facebook and Instagram.

10) Finally, one of the best things you can do is to recommend the books to your friends, schools, and homeschool groups. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard people lament that they don’t know of any good books for their kids. The first three books are on the Accelerated Reader list (and the fourth will be soon enough), so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to convince your skeptical, literary-minded kids to dive into the Wingfeather story.

Thank you, thank you for reading the story. And thanks for helping other people to read it, too. I’ll see you at Parnassus Books tonight, and I’ll be sporting one of these: