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“What’s Your Favorite Song?”: Political Songs

Artists are passion people. To feel passionately about things seems to be a prerequisite to the creation of most art forms, maybe music especially.

A songwriter’s passion for ultimate ideas is what drives him/her to write songs about love, life, God, and other ultimate ideas – even ideas about justice, war, and the way the world [...]

Apples To Apples

Sorry I’ve been MIA here for a bit.  Between the Fall tour, writing for the next record, and quick trips home to be with my family, there’s been little room for extracurricular writing.  But I wanted to let you know that has posted a new piece I wrote about apples and what they have [...]

Kierkegaard Quote

My friend posted a quote the other day that has me thinking (although it should have me ‘doing’). I’ve actually read this a couple times but now, more than ever, I am considering the implications and whether or not I agree. Then I thought the Rabbit Room is a perfect place for such an excerpt:

The [...]

Lives of Quiet Desperation


My first career was radio broadcasting. My big break came when I was hired as the all night guy at 59/WOW Omaha. That era was the tail end of the glory days for music on AM radio. With 5,000 watts and a favorable dial position, our signal blasted into Canada, seven or eight states, and with the skywave signal during [...]

(No) Man Is an Island

I have a memory burned into my mind of one of the last times I talked to my father – this was shortly after my parents’ separation after 25 years of marriage and just before God told him to kill me, my siblings, and my mom. We were standing in the nearly bare dining room [...]

Sara Groves & Friends: Art Music Justice Tour Review

I saw an invigorating concert tonight.  I was blessed to be surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world.  I sat next to Jill Phillips, Andy Gullahorn, and Don Chaffer (Waterdeep, Enter The Worship Circle) as the Art Music Justice tour unfolded before us – an artful combination of music, images, media, the [...]

Campfire Tales: The Stephens Hill Horror

Author’s Note: I’ve always been a fan of H.P. Lovecraft.  I love his weird words and the strange way he’s able to evoke things that are both awe-inspiring and horrific at the same time.  His stories, even the bad ones and those that are merely repeats of others, stick in my mind for days [...]

How Stories Do Their Work on Us

Reading with my children has reminded me of a truth that years of adulthood had almost caused me to forget: that “story” is truer than “precept.” We adults tend to think that we arrive at the truth of a story by reducing it to two or three abstractions that the narrative embodies. The parable [...]

A Few Reviews for Resurrection Letters, Vol. II

Russ Bremeier at Christianity Today:

“One track he’s an evocative poet, the next a storyteller, and before long he’s singing praise to the Lord—all within the same album. Though he resides in the same folk-pop vein throughout, he varies his scope from song to song (like Mullins) and thus more fully articulates Christian living than most [...]

What’s the Use in Receiving?

Is there a qualitative difference between learning a song from your Grandfather and downloading a song from iTunes, from getting a recipe online and pulling out the yellowing paper of an old, family recipe? Ken Myers answers in the affirmative, channeling C.S. Lewis when he discusses the need for thoughtful [...]

West Coast Diaries Volume 2 – Charlie Peacock

The other night my wife and I had the opportunity to see Charlie Peacock in concert.  The Art*Music*Justice tour, featuring Sarah Groves, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Brandon Heath and Charlie, had an off day in Kansas City.  So Charlie set up a house show with just him and his piano in the upstairs art gallery [...]

Review: Resurrection Letters, Volume II

I had the pleasure of reviewing AP’s latest, Resurrection Letters, Volume II, over at Soul-Audio and I thought it might be of moderate interest here, seeing as how Andrew Peterson is slightly connected here and that some of us are nominal fans.

If you haven’t purchased this album, do so now! It’s really an incredible listen [...]

JJ Heller:Painted Red

You know you’re in for a great night of music when the first half of the show features Square Peg Alliance members Jeremy Casella, Andy Osenga, and Andrew Peterson playing in the round. That’s how the release show for the last album from JJ Heller, The Pretty and the Plain, started out. And [...]

Hospitality is not for Suckers

Have you ever been on the receiving end of truly gracious hospitality? How about on the giving end? For Andi Ashworth, the art of caregiving is something that came alive in her. She said, “I discovered that, with design, intent and hard work, I could contribute to a story laced with the true, the good, and the beautiful in the lives [...]

Lend an Ear to a Love Song

Maybe I’ve found a good reason to justify my pack rat inclination. For years I have maintained three dresser drawers, a suit case, and an old trunk–full of so-called memorabilia–spanning over thirty years now. I rarely venture in there. These archives contain an old autograph book, boxes of letters from old camp friends, many of [...]