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Tokens: Class and Grass

More musical goodness from my friends at the Tokens radio show. Jeff Taylor, musical genius extraordinaire, is asked to come up with a segment called “Class and Grass”, a fun meld of classical and bluegrass music. It gets really fun toward the end…

What Makes for a Good Website?

We’re putting together a new website for, and I’m supposed to be putting together a list of things that I want to include, improvements I want to make.  What do you guys think makes for a good, professional, helpful, user-friendly website?  If you can, post the links to some sites you think really get [...]

The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo

I present to you in all of its silliness, “The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo”, the latest Goodgame/Peterson song on a Veggietales video. The new video, called The Big River Rescue, is available Tuesday in stores near your kids. Just this morning I met with Randall and put the finishing touches on the silly song [...]

Road Trip – Part One

This weekend I took Garett Buell (percussion), Jeff Irwin (bass) and Andrew Osenga (Fender Strat) to Columbia, S.C. It would be my 3rd summer in a row to visit Ft. Jackson – the Army base located there (last year I made the trip AP).

We aimed to hit the road at 9:00 Saturday morning, [...]

Who is Hellboy?

Hello, fellow readers.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex Taylor, and I’ve been asked by the Proprietor to tell you all a little something about Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

At first glance, I may appear to be an odd choice for the job: I have never had any special regard for comic books or super-heroes, [...]

Surgery: Stage Two

There was some bleeding. The heart was taken from the great black beast last night around 9:30, with much finger-crossing and many whispered prayers. My dear, dear cousin was sweating like a hog in heat as he worked the leveler (a neat gadget that can tilt the engine to get it around/through those tough spots) [...]

Surgery: Stage One

The clock is ticking. It’s about time for the much-needed surgery that will surely, eventually, save the life of my dearest friend.

Her name is Ol’ Black. She’s my pick-up.

Before my trip out west, on the way to church on Sunday morning, she made some truly frightening noises, and screamed to a smoky halt. It has [...]

Toward More Pixar-esque Cinema

I walked into a theater on the opening day of Wall-E wondering if this would finally be the Pixar film that didn’t measure up. I didn’t want it to fail, mind you, it’s just that I have a mounting sense of dread that after so many fantastically enjoyable films that the odds are getting higher [...]

Song of the Day: Ben Shive

I get weepy every time I listen to this song. Before the record came out I was listening to this song in the car with Ben and said something like, “Oh, man! The nostalgic music fits the sentiment of the lyric so perfectly! It’s like the two things just” (I clapped my [...]

Pixar’s PRESTO, Now Playing in the Rabbit Room

I consider myself something of an aficionado of Chuck Jones, the genius who basically created the look and feel of the best Looney Tunes shorts and characters (Marvin the Martian, Michigan J. Frog, the Barber of Seville, etc.). Even at five years old, planted in front of the tube on Saturday mornings in my [...]

Song of the Day: Jill Phillips

This time around it’s a Jill Phillips song called “Square Peg” that she herself wrote (rather than her husband Andy Gullahorn). I picked this one (from her album Nobody’s Got it all Together) because it was the inspiration for the Square Peg Alliance‘s name, and because I love singing it with her when we [...]

Jason Talks With Soul Audio About The Future

I had a great conversation with the Rabbit Room’s own Matt Connor at about my next record, writer’s block, the songwriting process, and the difficulty of telling the truth in the Christian subculture. In the interview Matt and I talk about the way I approach writing, what causes writer’s block, and balancing artistry, commercial [...]

Song of the Day: Eric Peters

More Eric Peters goodness.  This is a song called “Radiate,” from his current album Scarce.

So Brave, Young, and Handsome (Alas, not my biography)

I just turned the last page of Leif Enger’s new book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome. It hit the shelves a couple of months ago and, yes, I’m a slow reader—correction—deliberate reader, because some books are too good to ever want to finish. I want them to keep going and going because I love the [...]

RR Interview: Eric Peters

It’s time for another official installment in the “Rabbit Room Interview Series” and there’s no better place to go than to the door of the (much too) humble mind of Eric Peters. For those familiar with the wonderful Scarce or even earlier material (Ridgely, anyone?), you know Peters to be a very talented singer/songwriter. What [...]