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At the Risk of Being Narcissistic

Okay, so the record label wanted a new bio.  The bio gets an update every time a new record releases, because press people and websites and concert promoters use it for blurbs and such.  Well, they wanted me to take a swing at writing my own, just to see what might happen.  This isn’t the [...]

Heavenly Archery: Hitting the Mark

It began with a dream I had in which a huge angelic archer, flying above a city alongside me and the rest of our soaring army, drew his bow and shot an arrow, which curved around and cut a wide and exhilarating swath through the approaching enemy lines of the demonic horde.

The dream intrigued me, [...]


Paul Simon’s latest record, Surprise, (already more than a year old) is aptly titled for me. As a huge fan of all of Simon’s work, I had picked it up the day it came out, but only spun it a few times. I liked it fine, but it didn’t immediately connect with me [...]

The Year Of Living Biblically

My favorite book I’ve read this year was initially only a curiosity piece I perused while killing time in a Barnes & Noble. I had recently bought Unchristian – a book that offers an insightful look at how outsiders of the faith view the church – by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons, but decided [...]

Truths that Seem Like Riddles

This is an email exchange with someone who wrote to me on my site. It’s good food for thought and heart if you’ve got a few minutes. I’ve been told this is a little bit like “Who’s on first?” but there’s a lot of light that can be generated by thinking about this idea.

His question: [...]

Made for Another World

There are times when I’m driving home from a friend’s house, from an evening filled with good food and wine, laughter, great conversation, and friendly competition in boggle or speed scrabble or dutch blitz, and I’m almost overwhelmed by a feeling of loneliness, of aloneness. I’m always surprised by it. It makes me [...]

Song of the Day: Eric Peters

Eric Peters has been one of my favorite songwriters since I first discovered his Scarce album a few years ago. This is “Long Road to Nowhere ” and it’s just one great song off an entire album of great songs. Right now (possibly at this very moment) he’s hard at work recording his next [...]

The Big Deal About Buechner

In a recent post, a reader asked why so many people here in the rabbit room were so enthusiastic about author/novelist/theologian Frederick Buechner, so I thought I’d start a post that would let people discuss what it is they love about Buechner, or even why they don’t get what all the fuss is about.

Song of the Day: Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame

“Dreams” — this is my favorite song off of the Slugs, Bugs, & Lullabies album. Why? Simple. It’s got pirates, mad killer bees, and Zorbians. Yo ho ho. Any questions?

Green Shoes

I’ve spent a lot of time lately feeling unwanted, unknown, and unloved in general. I suspect a lot of other singles deal with such feelings and I have to remind myself often that I’m not the only person that feels and fears these things. Usually it’s an annoying tickle in my mind that [...]

A Stalker in the Night

Wednesday night was creepy.

After my duties were done in Sacramento I drove north through the center of a wide geographical corridor whose walls were distant mountains. The fields that lay between the ranges were patched with bright green crops, hemmed by fences and torn by brush lined creeks. Except for the mountains, it [...]

Song of the Day: Andrew Osenga

The Photographs album was my first exposure to the ‘other Andrew’ (or would that be the other other Andrew?) and man, I was just blown away. This album has seen so much time in my CD player that it’s finally been rendered unplayable and placed in the frisbee drawer. Never fear, thanks to [...]

A Skewed View of Nudes

Recently, I ran across an article about an elementary school in Colorado that took a group of fifth graders to an art museum…

*Pregnant Pause*

I just want to let that soak in. I know, I know. Incredible, isn’t it? I can’t believe the audacity of that art teacher. What’s crazy about it is that it was [...]

Song of the Day: Sandra McCracken

If, like me, any of you are Patty Griffin fans, you ought to love this song: “Chattanooga” by Sandra McCracken off her Gravity | Love album. Good stuff, great driving song. Enjoy.

The Role of Certainty

“Certainty is the place you stop when you’re tired of thinking.”

I loved this quote when I first stumbled across it. I guess I have always had a problem with people who are so firm on what they perceive as the correct worldview that it’s as if they think God has revealed all mysteries to them [...]