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Join us in our mission to cultivate and curate story, music, and art to nourish Christ-centered communities for the life of the world.

In order to curate works of art and host events that help fulfill our mission, the Rabbit Room relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors. Your contribution enables us to pursue specific projects and host unique events that nurture community.

The Rabbit Room is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are a religious organization that believes the Gospel of Jesus beautifully mingles with stories of all kinds. And we believe that when our lives overlap with Gospel-infused stories, we are better for it and the whole world is, too. So, we create and curate works of art that exemplify this conviction.


We invite you to participate in our mission through financial support. It is through generous giving that the Rabbit Room has the resources to cultivate works of art that might otherwise go undeveloped or host events that we believe in. When you give, your support directly turns into works of art and events that further the mission of the Rabbit Room.

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Make An Impact by Becoming a Rabbit Room Member

Members are the core supporters of all that the Rabbit Room accomplishes. By being a monthly ($25) or annual ($300) member, you are helping make the works and events of the Rabbit Room possible. As a thank you, you'll receive news and quaterly gifts to connect you to Rabbit Room happenings.  

Learn More About Membership

See how your generosity creates true and beautiful art coming out of the Rabbit Room

Hear from of our supporters

Our donors have a unique and inspirational story tied to their giving, and we're thrilled to share them. 

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