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Meet Micah


“The Rabbit Room has become a delightful part of my life’s fabric over the past 15 years. Through it, I’ve rediscovered the joy of writing, formed priceless friendships, and enjoyed innumerable beauties.”

It’s 2009 and you’re at Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God concert. You’re perusing the program and are excited to see familiar names like Andy Gullahorn and Jill Philips on the lineup. But a program ad also catches your eye - a mysterious place called the Rabbit Room sounds intriguing so you decide to learn more. Our friend Micah shared this was the beginning of his Rabbit Room journey.


“After the concert I started reading epic 300-comment Rabbit Room blog posts where I came to know and love Rebecca Reynolds, Ron Block, Sam Smith, and Jonathan Rogers. I immediately felt connected to this group of people who loved stories, songs, and the gospel of Christ.”


Fast forward to 2011, Micah attended Hutchmoot and was impressed by our community’s hospitality. Not only did he create life-long friendships and learn from lectures and workshops, but it helped re-ignite his love for writing. 


I'm still working through the implications of my first Hutchmoot, but one of its effects was to start writing again. Too often, I avoided writing for fear of failure. I've let myself forget that I don't love writing because it might make me "successful"; I love it because of how it allows me to make beautiful things where there was nothing before. The experience at Hutchmoot helped me realize I am not just an inferior junior member of God's kingdom. Rather, I am a true child of the Creator-King, and it is my birthright to engage in sub-creation.”


Flash forward to 2021, Micah received the unique opportunity to contribute to The Lost Tales of Sir Galahad anthology, a Rabbit Room Press title. He called this project an answered prayer. After a hard few months wrestling with big questions and experiencing a dry spell in his writing, he prayed that God would either confirm his desire to write or remove it. Along came Galahad and Micah had not one, but three stories in response to the call for submissions. Two of those stories, “Sir Galahad and the Mere” and “Sir Galahad and the Ruin,” were published in the anthology (check them out in The Lost Tales of Galahad). The cherry on top, was participating alongside friends and fellow writers he admires. Micah shares,“Through alphabetical serendipity, my name is in the exact center of the title page of the book, surrounded by Rabbity friends whose work I love.”

What's your favorite Rabbity book?

"Probably Flannery O’Connor’s Complete Short Stories. And of those, either “The Enduring Chill” or “The Life You Save May Be Your Own.”

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Micah’s generosity has transcended beyond his talents to include the overall life and wellbeing of the Rabbit Room. Because he wants the Rabbit Room to continue encouraging artists and telling truth-bearing stories, Micah joined our Rabbit Room Membership. Members are core supporters of the Rabbit Room and all that it aims to accomplish. He says,


I give because I believe the church and the world needs good stories. When I say “good,” I mean compelling and artful, but also stories that echo the big Story God has been telling since the very beginning. It was important for me to support a gospel-driven community that nourishes gospel-informed art. If the Rabbit Room has given you a place, a community, and encouragement to follow your calling, you should consider investing financially to help it thrive.


Do you have a passion for the works and events coming out of the Rabbit Room? Do you have a desire to invest in its flourishing? You can join Micah in membership today to be a part of a group who want to enhance and share the good stories coming out of the Rabbit Room.

“Please note: Member interviews were edited and condensed for clarity.”

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