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2019 Christmastide Playlist

Friends, it’s Christmas! It’s that day of the year where you just want to deeply inhale the crisp morning air, then slowly exhale as you release everything inside you but love, joy, and thanksgiving. It’s the beginning of new things. New presents? Sure. New diets? Maybe tomorrow. But new hope? Ah, absolutely. For unto us a new child is born, and this child will shine light into the darkest corners of the earth as he beckons our troubled souls to simply come, follow, and be at peace.

For this reason, we celebrate not just for one day, but for all 12 days of Christmastide, repeating the sounding joy of angels as we sing, laugh, cry, eat, and enjoy the sweet company of family and friends. As we do, may these songs lead us into joy and jubilation, thanksgiving and praise. Immanuel has come! Let the celebration begin!

Thanks to all who contributed to this Rabbit Room playlist: John Barber, Shigé Clark, Lanier Ivester, Drew Miller, Helena Sorensen, Christopher Thiessen, Janie Townsend, Hetty White, Chris Yokel, Jen Yokel


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