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Announcing the Next Evolution of the Rabbit Room

Recently, there have been a lot of conversations about how the Rabbit Room can best bring people together and support the work of creative communities across the world. We’re happy to tell you we’ve been listening, and today we are excited to lift the veil on the next frontier of the Rabbit Room experience.

We believe social media is the key to shaping the world into a better place, and over the past few years, Facebook has worked alongside organizations like ours to develop a host of new tools and systems to provide communities ways to define themselves and serve their users in custom-built environments that cater to the specific needs of niche audiences. As you can imagine, the Rabbit Room communities are fertile soil for that ground-breaking development, and we’ve been delighted to partner with folks like Facebook whose goals so closely match our own.

So it’s with with great pleasure that today we can finally announce an exciting new alternative to traditional community: Facemoot. It is our hope that Facemoot will provide a meaningful connecting place for those of us who are on the search for kindred spirits, but are tired of the noisy clamor of social media and awkward face-to-face interactions with strangers.

Welcome to the Moot.

Facemoot is simple, and even countercultural, in its design. Here are a few of its most exciting features:

  1. Tired of “Facebook statuses”? Try Facemoot soliloquies. Each soliloquy must include a minimum of 500 characters. No more small talk. Engage in real, meaningful conversations.

  2. Instead of “likes,” Facemoot offers four separate and distinct loves: storge, philia, eros, and agape.

  3. Are you tired of grammatically incorrect internet speak? Our Grammar Police™ filter will automatically correct abbreviated textspeak and fill in you’re every missed Oxford comma, incorrect apostrophe and dangling modifier.

  4. Don’t want other rabbits to know you’re online? Use the Ring of Power™ function to become invisible.*

  5. No friends online to chat with? Our AI-based chat rabbit named Chabbit™ is well-read and eager to discuss the intricacies of everything from Narnian cuisine to best practices in translating Russian literature.

  6. All-new emojis include Tolkien’s fireplace, smoking pipe, and Rabbit Trails comics characters.

We are delighted to invite you into this new community.

In the coming months, we’ll be working hard to roll out plug-ins for other popular online platforms. Our goal is to accommodate all your social media needs, including Instamoot, Mooter, SnapRabbit, and more.

*(Caution: may fill users with dread and a paranoid sense of being watched.)


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