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The Faerie Queene Kickstarter campaign is live!

by the Rabbit Room Staff

Our friends over at Sky Turtle Press have labored for years to open up the fantastical world of Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene to a wider audience and now their project is ready to come into the light. A new Kickstarter campaign launches today to bring the text-faithful, line-by-line prose rendering of Spenser’s epic poem to market and it’s also loaded with several exciting incentives and stretch goals!

Many have attempted to read Spenser’s original work, only to be discouraged by his diction. This struggle is understandable, as Spenser often used language more archaic than the time in which he wrote. To help readers overcome this struggle, classical educator Rebecca K. Reynolds worked with Elizabethan scholars to produce an annotated rendering which moves from heavy assistance in Book One toward more of Spenser’s language in Book Six. (And let’s not forget Justin Gerard’s amazing illustrations!)

There’s so much to discover here, not only for readers of Spenser’s work but also within the Kickstarter campaign itself. You can check out the new campaign here and watch the video below.


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