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Every Moment Holy is Funded: THANK YOU!

By last night when our donation-matching ended, hundreds of you helped raise the funds needed to get Every Moment Holy on its feet. We actually crossed the finish line several days early, and ended up with about 140% of our $23,500 goal. Thank you! What happens now?

Thanks to your willingness to go the extra mile, we’ll be looking at ways to add value to the finished book in the form of leather binding, gilded edges, embossing, bookmarks, and other special treatments above and beyond what we might otherwise have been able to afford. And we’ll also begin planning what comes next (Every Moment Holy Vol. 2 and beyond).

Please pray for Doug and Ned as they continue their creative work on the project. Doug puts a great deal of thought and time into each liturgy (he has nearly 50 left to write) and each of Ned’s linocuts require a lot of energy, both in the development of the image and the carving of the block. He and Doug have long hours of work ahead of them this summer and deadlines are looming. We’ll continue to share previews of the content as production moves forward.

Every Moment Holy will be available this fall. If you’d like to be among the first to hold a copy in your hands, consider becoming a Rabbit Room member. We’ll be sending out copies of the book to all of our members as part of our third-quarter thank-you gift (as long as you join no later than August).

Once again, thank you for being a part of this book. We couldn’t do this without your help.


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