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Fixed In Post, Episode 3: Jordan Peele’s Terrifying Vision of Us

We’ve got a new episode of Fixed In Post up and ready to listen to! In this episode, Pete Peterson and John Barber talk about the new movie Us.

Jordan Peele made a big splash with his first film, Get Out. Now he’s back with Us. It’s taking theaters by storm and, yes, John and Pete have thoughts.

Is Peele the new Hitchcock? How is Us about us? Is it better than Get Out? In this episode of Fixed In Post, our hosts dive headlong into the terrifying mystery of Us.

John Barber and Pete Peterson are fascinated, infuriated, and gobsmacked by the art of cinema. In other words, they’re in love with the movies. In Fixed In Post, they discuss the joy, the disappointment, and the magic of film.


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