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Giving Tuesday and the Future of the Rabbit Room

Your donations are an important part of helping the Rabbit Room continue its mission of fostering Christ-centered community and spiritual development through story, music, and art.

By hosting events like Hutchmoot and the Local Show, by publishing books like Every Moment Holy and Henry and the Chalk Dragon, and by developing ways of drawing people together around what is true and beautiful, we hope to make 2018 our most exciting year yet.

As the Rabbit Room grows we have a number of goals we want to achieve.

-We hope to expand Hutchmoot into the international community. -We want to expand Rabbit Room programs onto college campuses. -We want to continue to develop new works through Rabbit Room Press. -We need to add new staff to meet our organizational needs. -We want to create unique educational content for churches, communities, and individuals. -We need to build an office and warehousing space. -We want to anchor the Rabbit Room in a public place that YOU, the community, can come and enjoy.

With your help, we can make these things happen.

When you make a recurring gift of $25 or more, we’ll add you to our Membership. You’ll receive a Membership Package in the mail containing an exclusive Rabbit Room Mug, a free download of the 2017 Hutchmoot Audio Archive, and, for a limited time only, we’ll also include a free copy of Every Moment Holy (while supplies last). You’ll also receive a special thank-you gift each quarter that you continue your membership.

Thank you for supporting the Rabbit Room! We’ve got big plans, and we want you to be a part of them.


Note to our current members: We have changed our donation system! You are welcome to continue your membership without changing anything, but this is a great opportunity to move to our new platform, which provides a significantly better user experience. Just click here to start a new recurring donation (and contact us once you’ve done so and we’ll stop your old one.

[The Rabbit Room is a 501c3 non-profit organization.]


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