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Hutchmoot 2017: Re-entry

I don’t know about you, but I had fun this weekend. From an amazing Rabbit Room LIVE (Sho Baraka!) to Fernando Ortega (“He’s come for the pimples!) to John Cal (“Hard Times Come Again No More”) to David Taylor’s laugh (and his wisdom) to Doug McKelvey’s epic delivery of that liturgy on Sunday—oh, and Ashley Cleveland, and Arthur Alligood, and Jason Gray, and Christopher Williams, too. There was so much going on that I can scarcely recount it all here. I enjoyed every inch of Hutchmoot, and I hope that’s true for all of you.

We’ll be taking a few days (the week really) to recover. If you’ve ordered from the store during the weekend, we apologize, but it’s going to be a few days before we get back on top of things. Bear with us. The office is in tatters, boxes everywhere, and we’ve got to sort through it all to regain our sanity and our shipping schedule.

We’ll be sending out a survey in the coming days to collect constructive feedback, but in the meantime, tell us how the weekend struck you. What did you think of the new venue, the modified format, the increased audience? What are you taking home from the experience?

If you are the blogging type, this comment thread is a great place to crosspost any writing that comes of your time at Hutchmoot. And if you’re an artist or a doodler or a poet or anything else, we’d love to see any work the weekend inspired.


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