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Hutchmoot: Homebound Archive Access Extended

We’re not ready for the fun to end. So we are extending archive access for Hutchmoot: Homebound 2020 until November 15th—for everyone.

This means that even if you missed the October 11th deadline for registration, you can still access the entire archive for $20. And if you were already registered, you don’t have to do anything. The archive will simply stay open.

Over 24 hours of video content, over 50 speakers and performers, content for kids and families, curated food menus, secret missions, and so much more, will remain available for just $20 until November 15th.*

So take your time. Sip the goodness slowly. And enjoy.

*With the exception of time-sensitive content, such as Mark Meynell’s Hutchmoot: Homebound Challenge and the Tournament of Cheeses.


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