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Hutchmoot Hub (A Collection Of All ‘moot-related Blogposts, Websites, Etc.)

This is an attempt to collect all the posts out there referencing the inaugural Hutchmoot. It also attempts to present websites/blogs of Hutchmoot attendees. It further attempts links to those weirdos what made some kind of presentation at the 2010 Hutchmoot. I’ll continue to update it, so just comment if you wish to be included. I hope it’s helpful. –S.D. Smith

Hutchmoot-specific Posts

And Websites/Blogs from Hutchmoot Attendees (I know I’m missing a bunch here)

Hutchmoot Presenter Blogs/Websites

Note: I probably left people out of each section. If so, let me know who/what/whereupon. I just put up all the ones I could find/think of. It’s not an authoritative list. But you will be disciplined if you don’t obey it.


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