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Hutchmoot Hub (A Collection Of All ‘moot-related Blogposts, Websites, Etc.)

This is an attempt to collect all the posts out there referencing the inaugural Hutchmoot. It also attempts to present websites/blogs of Hutchmoot attendees. It further attempts links to those weirdos what made some kind of presentation at the 2010 Hutchmoot. I’ll continue to update it, so just comment if you wish to be included. I hope it’s helpful. –S.D. Smith

Hutchmoot-specific Posts

Hutchmoot 2010, from Christina Szrama

Telling the Old, Old Story, from Bernie

Walt Wangerin Teaches: Hutchmoot Keynote, from Word Lily

Entering the Hutchmoot Fellowship, from Heather Ivester

Hutchmoot in the 2nd Chair, from Dan K

Hutchwhat?, from Kate Hinson

Waiting for the Artist, from Lanier Ivestor

Artist v. Dreamer, from Katherine

Still Here, from Leigh McLeroy

Hutchmoot Recap, from The Aesthetic Elevator

I Can, from Jodi

AP and Eowyn, from Christina Szrama (pictured above)

Dripping With Holiness, from Laura Boggs

Hutchmoot 2010, from The Grouchy Ladybug

Taste and See That the Lord is Good, Dan K

Counting Stars, from Dan K

Sigh, from Kelli

A Bit More, from Kelli

Hutchmoot cartoon pt 1, from John Haney

Hutchmoot cartoon pt 2, from John Haney

Hutchmoot, from Tricia Prinzi

What a Weekend, from Andrew Mackay

Hutchmoot Explained. Mostly, from Team Redd Ripe, from Brandy

Hutchmoot, from Mark Geil

Hutchmoot: Hutchmeets?, from Mark Geil

Hutchmoot: Starting to Listen, from Mark Geil

Hutchmoot: Composed Experience, from Mark Geil

Hutchmoot: Marching Orders, from Mark Geil

Hutchmoot, from My Friend Amy

Epiphanies, from Sarah Clarkson

Happy Monday Morning, from S.D. Smith

Facebook’s Hutchmoot Group

Hutchmoot: Reflections on Comunity, from Jason Gray *RR Post

Hutchmoot #1, from Andrew Peterson *RR Post

Hutchmoot Pics, from Andrew Peterson *RR Post

Apples of Gold in a Setting of Silver, from S.D. Smith *RR Post

My Best Laid Plans…, Luaphacim

And Websites/Blogs from Hutchmoot Attendees (I know I’m missing a bunch here)

Lanier Ivestor

Leigh McLeroy

Heather Ivester

Ryan Szrama

Christina Szrama

Eowyn Szrama

My Friend Amy

The Grouchy Ladybug

Aaron Roughton

Dan K


John Haney

Andrew Mackay

Leigh McLeroy

Team Redd

Brandy (I’m Just Sayin’)

Mark Geil

Word Lily

The Aesthetic Elevator

Shedding Velveteen

Are We Here Yet

Biblical Counseling Through Song

Tony Heringer

Hutchmoot Presenter Blogs/Websites

Travis Prinzi

Thomas McKenzie

Matt Conner

Jason Gray

Randall Goodgame

Sarah Clarkson

Jonathan Rogers

Chris Wall

Evie Coates

Curt McCley

Pete Peterson

Eric Peters

S.D. Smith

Ron Block

Andrew Peterson

Russ Ramsey

Kate Hinson

John Barber

Janna Barber

Andy Osenga

Andy Gullahorn

Jill Phillips

Note: I probably left people out of each section. If so, let me know who/what/whereupon. I just put up all the ones I could find/think of. It’s not an authoritative list. But you will be disciplined if you don’t obey it.

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