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Interview with Andrew Peterson

[Today, Ivan Mesa @ the Gospel Coalition posted a great interview with Andrew Peterson about The Burning Edge of Dawn. Check it out.]

Like the Inklings of yesteryear, Peterson understands the importance of coming together with kindred spirits (even if not in an English pub). Almost a decade ago he and some friends began The Rabbit Room for such people. “The Rabbit Room is a place for stories,” he then wrote. “For artists who believe in the power of old tales, tales as old as the earth itself, who find hope in them and beauty in the shadows and in the light and in the source of the light.” And for half of that time this digital community has met for the annual Hutchmoot retreat, a “gathering in celebration of books, music, and works of art that tell the truth beautifully.”

This Friday (October 9) marks the release of Peterson’s newest album, The Burning Edge of Dawn. I corresponded with him about the different approach he took with this album, what he’s learned about God and himself through (in what he describes as) a “long, painful night,” how writing fantasy novels has affected him, and more.


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