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Join Us for a Live Lecture: The Psalm Code—Genesis Imagery in the Psalms

Hutchmoot UK is only a few weeks away, so to celebrate a weekend of conversation about art, music, community, story, and the Great Story, we wanted to do something to include you in a small part of the festivities.

We are going to bring you a sneak preview of, “The Psalm Code: Genesis Imagery in the Psalms,” one of the lectures that Andy Patton is giving at Hutchmoot UK.

Andy is on staff at the Rabbit Room and is a former worker at the English branch of L’Abri Fellowship. You can find more of his writing at the Darkling Psalter (Andy’s Psalm poetry project), Three Things (a monthly newsletter of three good food-for-thought resources), and

Though only our members can participate in the discussion live, the lecture will be available to our Rabbit Room Community in the coming months.

The Psalm Code: Genesis Imagery in the Psalms

Have you ever wondered why God fights with sea monsters (Psalm 74:13, 14), why there are trees in the temple (Psalm 92:12-14), or why God is so often compared to a cliff, a mountain, or a fortress? (Psalm 18:1, 2)? It all goes back to Genesis 1. Genesis is the fertile soil out of which all of the core biblical images grow and the Psalms are the trellis that spreads their fruits out to the sun.

We’ll be looking at the Sea of Chaos, the Mountain of Refuge, and the Garden of God.

Lecture Details—When, Who, and Where

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2023

Time: 6:00 pm, Central Standard Time

Where: We’ll have the lecture on Zoom.

Who Can Join: The lecture and discussion will be posted for free for the whole Rabbit Room community in the upcoming months, but only members get to join the discussion live. 

How to Become a Member:

What is Membership at the Rabbit Room?

Rabbit Room members make it possible for us to do all the things we do. Membership is about coming together as a community in common belonging and purpose. It’s made up of those who feel called to this mission and people, who recognize that they have a place in this work and want to share in its stewardship.

Members get to:

  1. Support the mission and help make the work possible.

  2. Get backstage updates and advance notice on Rabbit Room happenings.

  3. Connect with staff and other members.

  4. Share your creative work at monthly Zoom meet-ups.

  5. Give input or assistance on current projects and needs.

  6. Receive our gratitude through gifts like the annual Member Mug, Hutchmoot Audio Archives, and Quarterly thank-you gifts.

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