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Make Something

One of the great things about writings songs (or books, or painting portraits, or recording podcasts) is that you don’t need permission.

You need time, a couple tools (often way less than you think you need) and the will to Make Something.

The news will always be stressful, Instagram will always make you feel like your life isn’t as great as somebody else’s, TV will always promise rest but leave you more tired. We justify our distractions and give them so much of our lives. They will never pay you back.

It’s pretty darn rare that you spend four hours staring at screens and get up thinking, “Wow, that was really worth it! I’m better for that experience.”

So look up from the news, hold the instagram app until it does its little “delete me” dance, throw a blanket over the TV and put the remote on a high shelf in a different room.

Get out that notebook. Set up your easel. Take a walk and hum a new tune.

No one can stop you but yourself.

Make Something.

You will never regret that you did.


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