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“People, People: Act III” Releases Today

You may or may not know that The Orchardist has been releasing their new album, People, People, in three parts throughout the past year, telling its story a few songs at a time. Well, the day has finally come that you can listen to their entire album from start to finish: Acts I, II, and III.

In a nutshell, their album People, People narrates the classic human attempt to find shortcuts through life in the naive wish to avoid the pain of transformation. The moral of the story is one that all the great stories convey: that we can only receive the fullness of life by holding every part of it, bitter and rich and everything in between.

You can listen to their new album all the way through starting here with Act I, then Act II and Act III.

If you’d like to dig deeper into the narrative of the album, you can read some delightful musings from The Orchardist’s own Janie Townsend here.


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