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(Re-)introducing the Rabbit Room Podcast

The Rabbit Room Podcast is your one-stop shop for all things Rabbit Room. Each month, co-hosts Drew Miller and Leslie Eiler Thompson discuss what you can expect from us in the next four weeks, from Rabbit Room Press to North Wind Manor events to our Podcast Network and more. And sometimes, they’ll even talk with a special guest. Be on the lookout for new episodes at the beginning of each month.

In this first episode, co-hosts Drew Miller and Leslie Eiler Thompson discuss what June 2022 holds for the Rabbit Room, from new podcasts to new books to a new documentary series—and even a special Rabbit Room Trivia segment. This is the first of many monthly check-ins, gathering all Rabbit Room news into one convenient place.

Show Notes

Find Call It Good and the Artists & Podcast at or your podcast app of choice. Hosted by Matt Conner, Call It Good is a limited series of conversations with authors, artists, and pastors about creative confidence and the invitation before us to join with the Spirit in the act of re-creating the world. The Artists & Podcast is a series of conversations about the visual arts, hosted by Kyra Hinton and Jamin Still.

See upcoming North Wind Manor events at—lecture nights, film nights, concerts, open hours, and more!

Visit—if you dare—and learn all about The Lost Tales of Sir Galahad.

Find The Last Sweet Mile and Every Moment Holy, Vol 2: Pocket Edition at The Last Sweet Mile is a tale of both great loss and enduring faith, demonstrating that love is a refining fire, brotherhood a holy gift, and death itself a doorway to a wedding feast.

Learn about Taste and See and get your tickets to a virtual screening at More than just a film, tickets to these screenings include a recipe from the pilot film that you can make with your friends, discussion questions to facilitate meaningful reflection, and a panel interview with Andrew Peterson, author Norman Wirzba, and director Andrew Brumme, moderated by Lindsey Patton.

Check back in July for more Rabbit Room news!

[In addition to monthly check-ins, the Rabbit Room Podcast contains an archive of the 64 episodes of the original Rabbit Room Podcast that aired between 2008 and 2018. This podcast, as it existed for those 10 years, has been retired in favor of the more focused and diverse series that make up the Rabbit Room Podcast Network.]

Sponsorship on the Podcast Network

Are you interested in teaming up with us to support the work you love? Send an email to our Head of Development, Sarah Katherine Woodhull. if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our Podcast Network.

Rabbit Room Membership

Special thanks to our Rabbit Room members for making these podcasts possible! If you’re interested in becoming a member, visit


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