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Slugs & Bugs: New Song + New Sales

We have just the thing to pep you up this Monday morning. It’s a new music video from Slugs & Bugs telling the story of the fifth chapter of John’s gospel. It features Propaganda and a bunch of talented, energetic children from Nashville’s New Hope Academy, St. Paul Christian Academy, and Granbery Elementary. Click through to behold the goodness for yourself.

We have some more news for you, too.

For each of the links above, your discount will automatically appear on the checkout page.

In addition, all domestic orders over $35 receive free shipping. So get up and get yourself some Slugs & Bugs!

Disclaimer: These Slugs & Bugs sales are not happening at the Rabbit Room Store. They are exclusive to the Slugs & Bugs web store.

If your discount does not appear automatically at checkout, then type in the code “mexicanrhapsody” for the Under Where? CD and “getup” for Sing the Bible Vol. 3.

Video produced and directed by Allan Spiers Choir Direction by Harmonie Reddick


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