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Song of the Day: Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers, one of the first people on board with the Rabbit Room last year, has written several books, three of which are a Young Adult series called The Wilderking Trilogy.  Jonathan describes these books as a fantasy tale told in an American accent, and the following song is a great example of that.

(Sadly, we don’t have a recording of Jonathan singing it.)


My sweet feechie girl is the swamp’s finest pearl — A treasure, and man don’t I know it. And I really do think that she loves me too, Though she don’t always know how to show it.

Her brown eyes are dark like a loblolly’s bark. Her skin is as smooth as a gator. The one time I kissed her, she knocked me cold, mister. But nothing could cause me to trade her.

She smells just as sweet as a mud turtle’s feet. Her hair is as soft as a possum. Once I walked by her side, but she knocked me cross-eyed. It took me a week to un-cross ’em.

Her voice is as pleasin’ as swamp lily season She talks kind of froggy and crickety. Once I give her a rose, and she busted my nose. My sweetie can be right persnickety.

I’ll give you this warning: you mess with my darling, I’ll whop you a right, then a left. And if that ain’t enough, or if you’re extra tough, I might let her whup you herself.


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